How can Uninstall DuckDuckGo on the Web Browser

DuckDuckGo is developed as a search engine that can instead the Google to offer the searching service online for the computer users. But it is also a thing that very difficult to remove on the browser which many people have been complained online. Therefore, you may want to know how can uninstall DuckDuckGo on the web browser.
People who use the DuckDuckGo and now decide to remove it are mostly due to the annoying activities brought by the search engine, sometimes it will display some commercial notifications, slow down the running of your browser, and always replace the Google search and change the homepage to

Once add on the search engine, it seems like a big problem for people to disable or clean it on the web browser, although many different removing ways have been tried, the DuckDuckGo’s logo still appears on the web browser and replace the Google search. To uninstall DuckDuckGo successfully on PC, you may need to learn the proper way to clean it completely.

Two available ways to uninstall DuckDuckGo thoroughly

Manual way to clean DuckDuckGo

As the name implies, the manual solution will require you to conduct every removing step independently, so please be prepared to perform all of the following steps by yourself:

  1. Uninstall related program in Control Panel
  2. Click on Start >>> Control Panel >>> Programs (or Add/Remove Programs)
  3. Find and select the DuckDuckGo related applicaiton on the program list >>> click Remove or Uninstall
  4. Follow the prompts to finish the program removal

Next, you should uninstall DuckDuckGo from your web browsers
For Google Chrome:
1. Open your Google Chrome browser >>> click on the Chrome menu button
2. Click on Tools >>> Extensions
3. Click to clean the DuckDuckGo and all of associated icons
4. Change the home page of the browser
5. Right click on the address bar >>> select Edit search engines
6. Set a new default entry >>> remove those entries you don’t need
7. Save these changes on the browser >>> restart your Google Chrome
For Internet Explorer:
1. Open Internet Explorer >>> Tools >>> Manage Add-ons
2. Select Toolbars and Extensions >>> choose to uninstall DuckDuckGo and all of related entries
3. Change the home page of the browser also
4. Save the change on the browser >>> restart your Internet Explorer

For Mozilla Firefox:
1. Open Mozilla Firefox >>> Tools >>> Add-ons
Mozilla Firefox
2. Select Extensions >>> choose to uninstall DuckDuckGo and all of related entries
3. Change the home page
4. Restart your Mozilla Firefox

Automatic way to uninstall DuckDuckGo

If you don’t want to handle the toolbar or browser extensions removal in such a complex way next time, it is suggested to invite a sophisticated uninstall tool to simplify these removal in an automatic and much easier way, without the complicated manual removal, this program can help the user to forcedly and totally remove those annoying toolbars and extensions on the web browser.
It finds that many people will easily neglect the terms of use when they are installing a new program, so many of them may not know that many other programs will also be bundled and install on the computer at the same time, this is also a common reason that whey the DuckDuckGo is somehow on the browser. Therefore, please be careful while you are running the installer. And to easily uninstall DuckDuckGo and other similar annoying programs, getting a professional uninstall tool is a good choice.

Common way to Uninstall browser toolbar or extensions on the PC

  • Close all of browsers on the computer
  • Open an uninstall tool (take Special Uninstaller as example) >>> click Plug-in Cleaner


  • Click on the Scan Now button


  • Choose the item you want to clean on the scan result >>> click on the clean icon


  • Confirm and finish the removal with the guides
  • Close the uninstaller


Completely Uninstall Toolbar – Program Removal is a toolbar program that adds on the web browser to custom search engine and alter your personal browser settings. Sometimes it will install on your computer with other third party program without your knowing and difficult to remove. Therefore it is often regarded as a malicious browser hijacker that rejected by many people. In this post, we will focus on how can uninstall for good on the computer.

Why cannot uninstall successfully?

After installing on the computer, you will find that many of your browsers settings have been changed, and it seems like it appears at anywhere on the browser. If you don’t want to be annoyed by the program and start to clean it from your PC, you will find that the real problem just come out: although you have tried every possible methods to remove, the pesky application keeps on your web browser and is not affected by the previous removal. How can totally uninstall from the PC? How about using the following method?

Effective methods to uninstall completely

Strongly recommended: remove it with an uninstaller program

To remove the installed application on the computer, the fastest and easiest way is applying a professional uninstall tool to take responsible for the whole removing process, which will save much of time and many complex manual behaviors.
Special Uninstaller is a third party uninstall tool that help to remove various kinds of installed software automatically on the computer, more importantly, its special feature of plug-in cleaner will be the most useful utility to remove toolbars thoroughly on your web browser.
Steps to uninstall with Special Uninstaller
1. Install and open Special Uninstaller on the PC
2. Close all of web browsers installed on your computers
3. Find and click to highlight the in the interface
4. Click on “Run Uninstaller” to start the removal, follow the prompts to process the removal
5. Click to scan and remove the leftovers after the above removal
6. Back to the interface, click to open “Plug-in Cleaner”, and scan for all of plug-ins on your computer
7. When the scan result present, clean if it still can be detected
clean plug-in
8. Exit the uninstall, restart your computer system

Available but manual solution to uninstall

It is also feasible that you can remove the program without any help for the third party application, but the process will be more tedious and complex then using the uninstaller.
First of all, you should remove with Add/Remove programs. People whole get the Windows 8 operating system can refer to the following guides:

  • Click to open “My Computer’, find and select the “Open Control Panel” on the top
  • Click on “Uninstall a program” behind the “Programs” button
  • A program list will appear, select, and click uninstall icon

  • Complete the removal in this part. And then start the manual deletion to clean the rest of file

For Internet Explorer:

  1. Open your Internet Explorer, click on the “Tools” > “Internet Options”.(or click on the “Gear” icon on the far right side)
  2. ie
  3. Click on “Advanced” tab > “Reset”
  4. Click on enable the “Delete personal settings” > click on “Reset”
  5. The Explorer will restore to the default situations > click “Close” button > click “OK”
  6. Restore your Internet Explorer and you will see the toolbar does not exist

For Firefox:

  • Open your Firefox, click on “Help” on the menu bar > select “Troubleshooting Information”


  • Click on “Reset Firefox” button in the “Troubleshooting Information” window
  • Click “Reset Firefox” again to confirm the behaviors
  • Finishing the resetting and the Firefox will reopen
  • click on “Finish” and the will now be removed

For Google Chrome:
1. Open Google Chrome > click to open the chrome menu > Settings
2. Select “Set Pages” on the “On startup” section > find and delete “Search –” search page
3. Set your browser’s startup page > press OK
4. Go to the “Appearance” section > click to open enable “Show Home button” option > click “Change”
5. And next to the “Open this page” box, delete “” entry > press OK
6. Click on “Manage search engines” on the “Search” section
7. Choose your default search engine > click on “Make default”
8. Delete “Web –” search engine
9. Click on “Done”, the “Search engines” window will be closed
10. Click “Extensions” on the left > remove “” or “QuickShare” extension by pressing the “recycle bin” button
11. Click on Remove for confirmation in the dialog
12. Restart Google Chrome and you will find that you have been successfully uninstalled


How Do I Uninstall Bing Desktop with Success?

Bing Desktop
Uninstall Bing Desktop is currently a hot issue for many computer users, because the Bing Desktop is too stubborn to remove no matter what people do to clean it. Is there really no a good way to uninstall the program with success? I think this is a good question deserve further discussion.
As a third party program designed by Microsoft, Bing Desktop is a legitimate application that allows users to set their desktop background with the image available in the program easily, but when someone need to remove it on the computer, the problem will immediately appears, the program seems like have the power that always keep on the computer that cannot be cleaned.

What are the problems of Bing Desktop removal?

If you had been tried to uninstall Bing Desktop on your computer, you will find that whatever you do to clean the program (uninstall it with Add/Remove programs or delete it directly), after finishing the removal, the program also can be found on your PC. In this situation, there must be something related still on your computer, how can completely remove Bing Desktop from the PC? The following method may be helpful for you.

Effective ways to uninstall Bing Desktop completely

First way – proper steps to remove it with Windows uninstall utility

1. Process the standard uninstall with Windows removing feature

  • Double click to open “My Computer” > select “Open Control Panel”
  • Click “Uninstall a Program” behind the “Programs” item
  • Find and choose the Bing Desktop to remove on the interface

choose bing desktop(control_panel)

  • Restart the computer after the removal

2. Remove leftovers on the Registry Editor

  • Click on Start menu, and select Run
  • Enter the content in the text-box “regedit” to open Registry Editor
  • Find out and remove those registry keys related to Bing Desktop.
  • Exit the Registry Editor

Please be cautious that Registry Editor is a sensitive database that stores many important system settings, advanced options and configurations which cannot be disabled or removed, so you should be very careful for your removal in this place, any removing error will probably cause serious problems on your Windows system.

Second way – uninstall Bing Desktop with Special Uninstaller

To simplified the Bing Desktop removing steps, the second method will be the most effective solution, because it can replace the computer user to manage the whole program removing job automatically.
Special Uninstaller is a third party uninstall program that specialized in removing different kinds of installed program on the PC, besides the standard removing process, the special “scan and remove leftovers” features will find out all of remanent registries in the computer, and enable you to remove them completely in a few seconds. Thus, a complete removal can be guaranteed and it is no need to do any further manual steps of the removal.
Details about how to uninstall Bing Desktop with Special Uninstaller:
1. Open Special Uninstaller on your computer
2. Find and click on Bing Desktop on the program’s interface, click Run Uninstaller
select Bing Desktop
3. Confirm the program removal and finish the standard uninstall of the application
4. Click on “Scan and remove leftovers”, and all of related files will be detected
scan leftovers
5. Click remove button to clean them completely
6. Close the program, and restart your computer
And then, you will see that the program does not exist on the PC anymore


How to Uninstall TightVNC – Program Removal

TightVNC is created as a free remote-desktop application that allow people to control another computer’s screen remotely via the VNC’s RFB protocol, some people easily get the problem that cannot uninstall TightVNC smoothly, so here we can see what’s wrong with this program removal.

Malicious virus attach, program corruption, inutility of the program, people will need to uninstall TightVNC for many reasons, but there are some difficulties or troubles that do not allow us to process the removal successfully, such as:

  • Cannot find out the TightVNC program on Control Panel
  • TightVNC does not allow to be removed
  • People often the an incomplete removal and a lot of leftovers stay on the PC
  • Corrupted TightVNC program cannot be uninstalled with the computer removing utility

How can uninstall TightVNC with success? Here are two resolutions that probably helpful for you.

Resolutions to uninstall TightVNC on computer

Automatic removal – apply a third-party uninstall tool

This is one removal method that I would firstly and mostly like to recommend to all the users especially the common people who have limited computer knowledge and experience, because a good uninstall tool can replace the people to complete the program removal without any manual and complex step, which is the Windows attach uninstall utility usually cannot do. To prove the point, you can download and install Special Uninstaller for a try, which is a advanced uninstall tool that will help you uninstall TightVNC quickly and completely.

  • Enter Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the take manager on your computer
  • Stop the running of TightVNC associated processes
  • Open Special Uninstaller on the PC, find and click on TightVNC on the interface


  • Click on “Run Uninstaller”, confirm the removal via clicking “Yes” in the prompt


  • Follow the instructions to finish the standard removal, and don’t close the uninstaller immediately
  • Click on the “Scan and remove leftovers” to remove all of remnant files


  • Make sure all of leftovers are deleted, and back to the step one to confirm that TightVNC cannot be found on the list


  • Restart your PC

Manual removal – uninstall TightVNC by yourself

Windows attach uninstall utility is the common way that people often choose to uninstall program, but most of them do not know that the removal usually left overs some components especially the registry keys on the computer. To complete the removal, you should finish all of following steps besides using the Windows attach uninstall utility.
Uninstall TightVNC with Add/Remove programs

  1. Open Start menu > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs
  2. Find out and locate the TightVNC on the program list
  3. Click the remove button below
  4. Complete the removing process
  5. Restart the computer after finish to uninstall TightVNC process
  6. Open the System Registry Editor, identify and remove all of related registries
  7. Delete the TightVNC install folder if it still on the computer
  8. Restart the computer

Pay attention: the registry removal should be done correctly, otherwise, your Windows system will probably be disabled and damaged seriously.