Tips to Uninstall SpyHunter Smoothly on Computer

Is it a problem for you to uninstall SpyHunter on the computer? Did you remove the program in a right way? If you don’t know why and how can delete the application on your PC, you can try the ways introduced in this page.

What’s SpyHunter ?

SpyHunter program is created by Enigma Software Group and advertises to avoid and remove spyware and malicious programs, thus to prevent the computer from being monitored by hacker for illegal purpose.

Why cannot uninstall SpyHunter successfully?

For many people who are using the program on their computers, removing SpyHunter is a difficult problem, because no matter how they try to get rid of this application on the computer, it still appears on the start-up programs and operates on PC. And your situation of being not able to uninstall SpyHunter may be in one of the following cases:

  • Receive an error code while removing the software
  • Cannot find the program on the list of available uninstall program
  • SpyHunter still leaves on the computer after removing it
  • People have no idea to remove SpyHunter thoroughly for the incomplete installation or removal of the program

Uninstall SpyHunter – how-to guides

Recommended method: uninstall SpyHunter with Special Uninstaller

As an advanced removal tool, Special Uninstaller is specialized in uninstalling any unwanted installed programs on the computer, besides, it also provides additional leftovers scan and clean features to ensure the complete removal of the application.
Steps to uninstall SpyHunter with Special Uninstaller:

  • Install and open Special Uninstaller on the computer
  • Highlight SpyHunter on the menu of installed programs, then click on “Run Uninstaller” button


  • Confirm and start the program removal with instructions displaying on the uninstaller


  • After the first stage of removal, please click on “Scan Leftovers”


  • Then Special Uninstaller will show you how many files and registries related to SpyHunter still leaving on the computer, and you can delete all of them via clicking on the “Delete Leftovers” button


  • Click on “Yes” when the remover tells you the program has been uninstalled completely
  • Restart the PC, and you won’t see SpyHunter again

In additional to remove SpyHunter with such a professional uninstaller, it is also available for uninstalling the program manually, but you should spend more time and prepare for a manual deletion of its preference files which leaving on the computer after the program uninstallation.

Manual method – uninstall SpyHunter by yourself on the computer

1. Standard removal

Option one:
(the specific steps only for Windows 8.1 users, other Windows system version can open the Windows uninstaller in Control Panel)

  • Right-click on the Start icon, select “Programs and Features”
  • Select SpyHunter on the list, then click on Uninstall button


  • Click Yes to make sure you want to uninstall the program, then finish the removing process with prompt messages

Option two:

  • Click on the Start icon, then click on the downwards arrow
  • Find the “Uninstall SpyHunter” on the list as following


  • Click on it, start and finish the program uninstallation with the displayed prompts


2.Clean vestiges

After the standard removal, you should restart the computer system, then start to check and delete all of SpyHunter’s leftovers on the computer.

  • Empty the installation folder, and delete it.
  • Type “regedit” in the search text box to open Registry Editor on your computer system
  • Find out the group of SpyHunter’s registry, then delete them

Since there are usually some files and registry keys of SpyHunter program cannot be removed with the standard program removal, it is very necessary to check the installation folder and system registry and make sure everything related to the program has been cleaned well, otherwise, it is very possible that you will see the SpyHunter program appears again when you start your computer, and it will also create some troubles for you to install other anti-spyware application on the PC for the program conflict issue.

Common resolutions for the program removing problems

These are general and effective solutions for dealing with the removing problem on your computer:

  • Stop the program running on your PC before uninstall it. When you uninstall a program which is still running on the computer, it is very easy to be resulted in an incomplete removal or receive an error.
  • Check and clean its associated files and settings on the computer after removal. General removing method is not always able to help you remove a program thoroughly, it is very needed to pay attention to the leftovers removal especially when you uninstall a program with the Windows uninstaller.
  • Never install suspicious application. Suspicious programs often contain many stubborn and malicious files that make you cannot remove them effectively on the PC. So please remember that only install those reputable applications on your computer.

Get help to uninstall SpyHunter with Special Uninstaller now:


Remove and Uninstall AVG Performance for Good

Can’t find a way to remove the AVG associated programs on your computer, what’s wrong with the program removal? Take our suggestions here to uninstall AVG Performance effectively.

About the AVG application

AVG Performance is a new product of AVG technology that provides several optimized features to enhance the computer performance, such as the start manager, disk clean, duplicate file clean and so on. Sometimes people also get another program AVG PC TuneUp when install AVG Performance.

Why cannot uninstall AVG Performance? No one can explain that in one or two sentences, because there are many possible causes for that problem on different computers. So, to make clear how can remove AVG Performance correctly on your PC, you should firstly get to know what’s the problem of the program or the removing way you take.
In most cases, corrupted program, improper and incomplete removal are often the cases that cause the program cannot be removed smoothly on the computer. In order to avoid these problems and uninstall AVG Performance with success, you should pay attentions to these things before start to remove:

  1. Stop AVG Performance and associated AVG processes running on your computer
  2. Make sure the AVG Performance works well before you remove it
  3. Remove all of its preference files and registries which are often neglected during the removal

Automatic and manual way to uninstall AVG Performance

Automatic option – remove it with Special Uninstaller

If you want to manage the program removal with simple steps but also can remove the program thoroughly on the computer, you can apply Special Uninstaller to uninstall AVG Performance.

  • Start Special Uninstaller on your PC
  • Find AVG program on the menu, highlight it, then click “Run Uninstaller”

select AVG

  • Click Yes to start the removal, and follow the removing instructions display on the removing window to complete the first stage of removal


  • After that, click on “Scan Leftovers” to check all of related files which still leaving on the computer


  • Click to delete all of these leftovers to complete the removal


  • Exit Special Uninstaller, then restart your computer to get a refresh

If there is another program like AVG PC TuneUp bundled with the AVG Performance, you should also uninstall it with Special Uninstaller, and the complete removing steps will be as simple as the above instructions.
This is a time-consuming and easy way for people to uninstall AVG Performance and other programs like Avast Pro Antivirus 2015 and DriverDoc on the computer, if you just want remove it by yourself with the following method.

Manual option – uninstall AVG Performance by yourself

Windows uninstaller is a widely used removing utility on the computer with Windows operating system, through which, people can install the unwanted program (if it is not corrupted) on their PCs, but there is an important thing you should pay attention — an additional manual removal for leftovers is needed after removing AVG Performance with Windows uninstaller.
1. Activate the Windows uninstaller on your PC
Windows XP: click on Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs
Windows 7: click on Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program
Windows 8.1: right-click on Start > Programs and Features
2. Find and locate AVG on the list, then click on the remove button
3. Click to conform the removal on computer, then start to remove it with instructions
4. Click OK in the windows to finish the first step of removal, and then you should restart your computer, and take actions to find and clean those files still being left on the PC.
5. Check the installation folder. Go to the folder you used to install AVG Performance, clean every thing inside.
6. Check System Registry. Type “regedit” in the search box to find and open Registry Editor, then find and delete those registry files of AVG, and it is highly recommended to do a back up for your registry before you delete anything inside the database, because there are too many important files in it and they cannot be removed by accident.
Steps to back up registry on PC:

  • Open Registry Editor, select the registry you need to back up
  • Click on File on the top menu, select Export…


  • Save the file in a specific folder on the computer

How about the stubborn files?

Besides the leftover issue, some people may also encounter such a problem that some of these files refused to be removed on the computer. If you encounter some stubborn files when cleaning the remnant files on PC, in order to uninstall AVG Performance completely, I am afraid that you should get a professional removal tool to clean them on your computer. The “Not listed above?” feature on Special Uninstaller also enable to you clean a specific folder which including delete the stubborn files forcibly.

If you want to know about the program removal more directly, please see the following video from YouTube, and follow the steps to uninstall AVG Performance on your computer: