How to uninstall AntiBrowserSpy

How to Completely Uninstall Steam in your Windows PC?

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This is a step by step article that describes how to uninstall Steam from your PC running Windows using the standard Windows removal steps or Special Uninstaller.
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How to uninstall AntiBrowserSpy

How to Remove FL Studio 12 – Windows Uninstall Guides

If you’re not sure what the operations you should perform to remove FL Studio 12, this page will help you out.
Designed by Image-Line, FL Studio 12 is a complete software music production environment or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Representing over 18 years of innovative development, it has the most features you might need in one package to compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.
This is relatively a large-sized program, so getting rid of it will free up much disk space which you may use for other purpose anytime. The following content will teach how to correctly, safely remove FL Studio 12 on your PC, hopefully it can be more than helpful.

How You Can Remove FL Studio 12 on Your Own

There could be kinds of reasons that you failed to remove FL Studio 12 or some other programs in Windows, but I’m not wasting you time on reading the technical failures instead of solutions.
If the problem comes from FL Studio 12 itself, try to reinstall the program first, so that the missing-file issue would be solved, and the corrupted/damaged pieces would be replaced. Then let’s move on to the specific uninstall tutorials:

1. Open the Control Panel.

Click the Start button, and enter “Control Panel” in the search box (Or right-click the Start button, and select Control Panel).

2. Open the list of currently installed programs.

Click the Uninstall a program link under Programs.

3. Remove FL Studio 12 by activating its built-in uninstaller.

In the list you will see 4 related programs of it, which include:

  • FL Studio 12
  • FL Studio ASIO
  • IL Download Manager

Remove FL Studio 12 via the Control Panel.
Just double-click FL Studio 12 to start the removal, after which go back here and perform the same steps to remove the rest of them.

4.Proceed with the removal and provide the confirmation.

Click the Next button to proceed, tick all the items presented, click Next, and wait until the uninstall wizard finishes its job.

5. Open the Registry Editor.

Press and hold the Windows key + C on your keyboard, and you will see the Charms pop up from the right side of your screen. Select Search, and enter “regedit” in the box.

6. Find and delete the registry entries (leftovers) of FL Studio 12.

You can choose to back up the registry first in case of any mistaken deletion: On the navigator click File > Export…, type a name and save the copy to a location.
To find and delete the leftovers: on the navigator click Edit > Find…, enter “FL Studio” to search for the remaining files. Delete them (if found) to completely remove FL Studio 12.

7. Reboot your computer to take effect.

Then you can go to the System Tray, Start menu, Control Panel, etc. to check whether the program has been completely uninstalled.

Easily, Quickly Remove FL Studio 12 with Special Uninstaller

This method applies to all the popular Windows systems, saving troubles and possible risks during the conventional removal. The following short video will give you a quick view of how it works:

Then here are the steps:

1. Download & install Special Uninstaller.

Click any of the blue download buttons on the page to download & install Special Uninstaller, then run it.

2. Remove FL Studio 12.

Select FL Studio 12 in the Programs list, and click Run Uninstaller, follow the on-screen instructions of proceed and confirm the removal.

3. Delete the registry entries.

Click Scan Leftovers, and you will see a list of deleting files and registry entries (leftovers) of the program. You can review the list for details including their names and locations, then hit Delete Leftovers to fully remove SlimDrivers.
Clicking Back will bring you back to the list of currently installed programs, so that you can check whether the uninstall was successful.

How to Choose Your Production Software

This is something more to learn about this kind of software. Choosing your DAW is like picking which soda to drink — either way you go, it won’t necessarily be wrong. But taking into consideration your personal needs is crucial. Here are some aspects to refer to during your search.

  • What is your experience level? If you’re starting out, you’ll want to start with something that you can easily understand and use in order to get your music-making skills going.
  • Do you perform live? There are a few software are optimal for performing live, such as some easy integration with MIDI controllers, VST instruments and other live performance-specific features.
  • Stick with what you’ve chosen. The more familiar you become with software you’ve chosen, the quicker and easier your workflow is, and the more more confident you become, and ultimately, the better your music sounds.
  • Relax. It’s 2016 — the digital age is here, and most of the production software out there is up-to-date and quite popular. You can’t really go wrong with one or ther other, even if you’re a beginner. So don’t panic. 🙂

How to Uninstall RealDownloader?        How to Uninstall HitmanPro?

How to uninstall AntiBrowserSpy

Uninstall RealDownloader within Minutes – Efficient Removal

I’ve learned many users are having troubles to uninstall RealDownloader, so I’m hereby providing solutions with some extra information that you may want to read.
When you’re certain you don’t need/want an application any longer, removal is always the right thing to do, though it’s not a large-sized application that takes much disk space. Because keeping a needless application on the system, you may receive unimportant notifications or prompts from time to time, in the meanwhile the system resources can be consumed without you notice. Now if you’re sure you want to completely uninstall RealDownloader, continue reading this instruction.

RealDownloader – Program Overview

As RealPlayer’s accessory tool, RealDownloader provides an easier way for users to download/upload video files with a high speed.
After the installing RealPlayer and restarting your web browser, go find the video you would like to download on the Internet. You will notice RealDownloader at the top of your browser reacting to the content, letting you know if there is a video available for download. Click it, then click the Download This Video button. The video will be automatically saved to your RealPlayer Library. As the video is being downloaded, it appears in the RealDownloader window.

If You Need to Uninstall RealDownloader

There are two ways to access RealDownloader, one is to install RealPlayer, the other is to install Realdownloader only. So if for some reasons you want to reinstall the program, you know how where to get it.
And as you might have noticed that removing either of them will uninstall RealDownloader, in the following tutorials you can choose to perform the steps for either too.

Option 1: Uninstall RealDownloader with A Safe Cleaning Tool

The first one I would like to introduce is an easy-to-use, small-sized tool that applies to all the popular Windows OS versions. You can also try to uninstall other programs that are not welcome anymore in the system with it. How does it work? Take a quick look below:

1. Click any of the blue download buttons on this page or visit the homepage to download Special Uninstaller.
2. Run it, and you can see clearly what programs are installed currently. Choose RealDownloader and hit Run Uninstaller.
It will scan for all the related files and get ready for your next request, during which you may be asked for confirmation of this removal, just click Yes/OK to proceed.
3. Click Scan Leftovers when it turns to blue, then you see the all the vestiges that most users will forget to delete during the manual removal. Click Delete Leftovers to fully uninstall RealDownloader.
Clicking BACK to refresh the list of currently installed programs, and check whether your target is no long there. I do hope this recommendation can be a better removal solution to you anytime. To find out how to remove the program by standard means, read the tutorials under the following subtitle.

Option 2: Manually Uninstall RealDownloader on Your Own

1. Close the RealPlayer/RealDownloader program.
2. Press and hold Windows key + C on your keyboard to open the Charms, and click Search.
3. Type “RealDownloader” in the box, right-click on the result, then select Uninstall.

4. You will be brought to the list of currently installed programs. Find and double-click RealDownloader to activate its built-in uninstaller.
Uninstall RealDownloader via the programs list.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions to proceed with the removal.
6. To check whether there is any remaining files left behind, hit Windows key + C again, click Search and enter “regedit” to open the Registry Editor.
7. On the navigator click Edit > Find…, and search for “RealDownloader.” If any remaining files are found, delete them to completely uninstall RealDownloader.
8. Now you can restart your computer to take effect.

3 Alternative Ways to Download Online Videos

Watching videos is most people’s favorite pastime on the Internet, but doing that may be a problem if you’re dealing with a slow Internet connection. I believe in any cases, it would be great to first download those videos then watch it like you would a full movie without interruptions.
Here are few web downloaders for you to try:
It is quite simple to use. Just enter the video URL (video’s page address) and click the Download button. You will then be shown the various formats the video can be downloaded in, along with their download links.
SaveVid is an online downloader which supports downloading videos from many other video websites. The process of downloading is also simple: enter the video’s page URL in the input field and hit Download button.
ClipNabber is an online tool to download videos. It’s available in various International languages. The process of downloading videos from ClipNabber is same as others.
So if you intend to uninstall RealDownloader and look for another to try, you can refer to the list.
How to Remove HitmanPro        How to Remove Virtual DJ 7

How to uninstall AntiBrowserSpy

How Should I Fully Uninstall Connectify 2016 in Windows

Seeking solutions to uninstall Connectify 2016 from your PC? Read this article to find out.

Connectify is an easy-to-use software router for Windows computers that utilizes your PC’s built-in Wi-Fi card to wirelessly share any available Internet connection with friends, co-workers, and mobile devices. This application has won many users while a lot of them run into troubles when trying to uninstall Connectify 2016.

How to uninstall AntiBrowserSpy

How to Uninstall Virtual DJ 7 Completely?

Electronic music has been popular all the time, especially in Northern Europe. And most famous DJ come from there. Like Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, and Armin Van Buuren, their names have already spread over the world. But, the influence of electronic music in Asia and America is smaller than Northern Europe until Lady Gaga first debut in the entertainment circle. Till now no matter on the Billboard or in UK, there is always a high place for electronic music. So many electronic music lovers like to perform themselves like a DJ or actually want to be a real DJ. They make electronic music by themselves. So they download a program named “ Virtual DJ 7”. And I bet you’ve known that today I will tell you how to uninstall Virtual DJ 7.
Virtual DJ is a helpful third-party software that provides computer users with many useful features and tools. However, many users got difficulty and problem in uninstalling it from the computer. Below, we have listed possible problems when uninstalling Virtual DJ. If you also got such problem, you can find useful solution for it.

Isn’t it a useful application? But soon they encounter some problems like:

  • Virtual DJ can not be uninstalled
  • Virtual DJ can not be completely uninstall and removed
  • Virtual DJ or other similar software can not be installed or updated again on the computer
  • The computer system runs much slower after Virtual DJ is uninstalled
  • The computer gets strange errors
  • To eliminate your trouble I will tell you how to uninstall Virtual DJ 7 from your PC.

Methods to Uninstall Virtual DJ 7

Manually Uninstall VirtualDJ 7

First, I want to offer you the most common way without any tools, but it might be a little bit complicated.
Tips: Before all the uninstalling work, you must exit the program and stop it from running in the Task Manager.
Windows 8 Tutorial:
1. Move your mouse to the Start Menu, and right-click Control Panel
2. Or, you can start “Control Panel” in this way: Double-clickThis PC“, and click “Open Control Panel” in the File Menu.
3. Click “Uninstall a Program” to go into the program list.
4. Find the target program in the list and select it, then right-click and select “Uninstall” like the picture below.
It’s not that easy to uninstall Virtual DJ 7. Do not think the uninstalling is done, you need to delete the related folders that still left in your PC.
5. Click “Start” and type “Regedit.exe” in the Search box. Then click the icon of Regedit.exe.
6. Find leftover folders related to the program and delete them.
Now, you have been successfully uninstalled the application.

Windows 10 Tutorial:

Again, don’t forget to exit the application.
1. Click the search box and type key letters of “Control Panel”. Then click “Control Panel
2. Then click “Uninstall a Program“.
control panel
3. Find the target program in the programs list.
control panel list
4. Right-click the target program and click “Uninstall“.
control panel uninstall
Of course, you should delete the leftovers via Redistry Editor.
5. Type “Regedit.exe” in the search box on the taskbar. And then click it.
open regit
6. Select the related leftovers and right-click them and delete.
regidtry win10 delete
Okay, it’s done here.

Automatically Uninstall Virtual DJ 7

Feel a little bit dizzy after reading all the instruction above? If you failed to uninstall Virtual DJ 7 after trying all the ways I mentioned before, you can try Special Uninstaller.

Special Uninstaller is a thoughtful all-in-one program uninstaller for windows-based operating systems. It effectively removes any program , leftover files , and registry entries.
Uninstalling has never been so easy. Here’s the using instruction:
Step1. Select the program you want to uninstall from the list on the left and click “Run Uninstall“.
Step2. Special Uninstaller will ask the users whether you want to uninstall the program, just make sure you selected the right target program and click “Yes“.
Click “Next” to move on.
Click “Remove” to the next step.
Click “Yes” to remove all the databases.
Step3. After waiting the uninstalling process, click “Scan Leftovers“.
Step4. Then you can see the leftovers in the list on the left, click “Delete Leftovers” to delete them.
Within seconds the leftovers are gone, click “Back” to go back to the list.
And you can see that the program isn’t in your PC any more.
If you are afraid of making serious mitakes when uninstalling, I have some advice, hope can help you out.
1. You can have a back-up of you important things in your PC before uninstalling.
2. You need to create a System Restore Point first before your manual uninstalling, which is a safe way to recover your system once you improperly uninstall of the program.
Here is how:
1. Open up the Start Menu and right click on “Computer”. And click on “Properties”.

2. System area of Control Panel window pops-up, click on the “System Protection” on the left hand side.
3. Select the “System Protection” tab to go to the System Restore section.
4. Click the “Create” button to create a new restore point. System protection window pops-up, name it so that you can easily identify the restore point later.
5. Then click Create button, and wait for a while till the restore point finishes.
6. When it’s all finished, you’ll get a message says it was created successfully.
System restore point is designed to help you recover your PC system to the previous state if you come across unexpected errors and problems especially after the miss deleting of registry entries. This is the most simple method for PC users to resolve the computer problems. If you have no idea about how to deal with the troubles correctly, you can click and select a specific restore point to make you system apply the recovery function. In order to avoid any potential PC problems, it is highly recommended you follow the Step C to automatically uninstall VLC Media Player. Only a few of minutes, you will remove this software completely.
If you still have some questions, you can seek more help here:
How can Remove YTD Video Downloader with Simple Steps
Tips to Remove MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition on Computer
And I made a video to help you to understand Special Uninstaller using instruction better:

Last Few Things to Say:

I am happy to be here to help you, sometimes uninstalling could be a pain in your  butt, but not any more, because I will always help you out:)  With Special Uninstaller, it became much easier to uninstall Virtual DJ 7. You can also uninstall some other stubborn applications. Thank you for reading.

How to uninstall AntiBrowserSpy How-to-Unininstall Windows Uninstaller Download

How to Uninstall AntiBrowserSpy – AntiBrowserSpy Perfect Uninstaller

There will be chances that people would wonder whether AntiBrowserSpy is a really useful tool or just a waste of money. But sometimes to uninstall AntiBrowserSpy can be really tough, and in order to add some required functionality to the website, they are often incorporated within Internet Explorer as plug-ins.
If you experienced that the Control Panel could not uninstall AntiBrowserSpy from your computer, maybe you haven’t known that even if you uninstall it, there are still leftovers in your system.