How can Uninstall DuckDuckGo on the Web Browser

DuckDuckGo is developed as a search engine that can instead the Google to offer the searching service online for the computer users. But it is also a thing that very difficult to remove on the browser which many people have been complained online. Therefore, you may want to know how can uninstall DuckDuckGo on the web browser.
People who use the DuckDuckGo and now decide to remove it are mostly due to the annoying activities brought by the search engine, sometimes it will display some commercial notifications, slow down the running of your browser, and always replace the Google search and change the homepage to

Once add on the search engine, it seems like a big problem for people to disable or clean it on the web browser, although many different removing ways have been tried, the DuckDuckGo’s logo still appears on the web browser and replace the Google search. To uninstall DuckDuckGo successfully on PC, you may need to learn the proper way to clean it completely.

Two available ways to uninstall DuckDuckGo thoroughly

Manual way to clean DuckDuckGo

As the name implies, the manual solution will require you to conduct every removing step independently, so please be prepared to perform all of the following steps by yourself:

  1. Uninstall related program in Control Panel
  2. Click on Start >>> Control Panel >>> Programs (or Add/Remove Programs)
  3. Find and select the DuckDuckGo related applicaiton on the program list >>> click Remove or Uninstall
  4. Follow the prompts to finish the program removal

Next, you should uninstall DuckDuckGo from your web browsers
For Google Chrome:
1. Open your Google Chrome browser >>> click on the Chrome menu button
2. Click on Tools >>> Extensions
3. Click to clean the DuckDuckGo and all of associated icons
4. Change the home page of the browser
5. Right click on the address bar >>> select Edit search engines
6. Set a new default entry >>> remove those entries you don’t need
7. Save these changes on the browser >>> restart your Google Chrome
For Internet Explorer:
1. Open Internet Explorer >>> Tools >>> Manage Add-ons
2. Select Toolbars and Extensions >>> choose to uninstall DuckDuckGo and all of related entries
3. Change the home page of the browser also
4. Save the change on the browser >>> restart your Internet Explorer

For Mozilla Firefox:
1. Open Mozilla Firefox >>> Tools >>> Add-ons
Mozilla Firefox
2. Select Extensions >>> choose to uninstall DuckDuckGo and all of related entries
3. Change the home page
4. Restart your Mozilla Firefox

Automatic way to uninstall DuckDuckGo

If you don’t want to handle the toolbar or browser extensions removal in such a complex way next time, it is suggested to invite a sophisticated uninstall tool to simplify these removal in an automatic and much easier way, without the complicated manual removal, this program can help the user to forcedly and totally remove those annoying toolbars and extensions on the web browser.
It finds that many people will easily neglect the terms of use when they are installing a new program, so many of them may not know that many other programs will also be bundled and install on the computer at the same time, this is also a common reason that whey the DuckDuckGo is somehow on the browser. Therefore, please be careful while you are running the installer. And to easily uninstall DuckDuckGo and other similar annoying programs, getting a professional uninstall tool is a good choice.

Common way to Uninstall browser toolbar or extensions on the PC

  • Close all of browsers on the computer
  • Open an uninstall tool (take Special Uninstaller as example) >>> click Plug-in Cleaner


  • Click on the Scan Now button


  • Choose the item you want to clean on the scan result >>> click on the clean icon


  • Confirm and finish the removal with the guides
  • Close the uninstaller






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