How to Uninstall Kaspersky Pure Successfully on Computer

Kaspersky Pure is a product the developed by Kaspersky in 2010, and now it has been one of the fastest growing internet security software online, however, with the increasing uses of this program, more and more people easily encounter the problem to uninstall Kaspersky Pure on their PCs.
Kaspersky Pure 3.0 is a new version of the product that contains the features and functions as providing the protection for the computer, users’ identity, account number, passwords and many other privacy. Many people said that the program is very difficult to remove on their computers, whatever they try, they still can find something related to the program on the computer after removal. So, we will discuss about how can unisntall Kaspersky Pure successfully and completely.

Problems with Kaspersky Pure removal

Add/Remove programs, Kaspersky Pure attached uninstall process, third party uninstall tool…, therea are several ways that people can choose to uninstall Kaspersky Pure on their computers, but most of them will encounter this or that kind of problems and cannot remove the program smoothly, like cannot uninsatll Kaspersky Pure thoroughly for it is too stubborn to clean up all of components, or people even cannot activate the unisntall process on their computers. Is there any good way can remove Kaspersky Pure well? The following content will tell you the best answer.

Effective ways to uninstall Kaspersky Pure for good

Note: remember to stop Kaspersky Pure running on the computer before you start the removal, otherwise the complete removal cannot be achieved.

Right steps to remove it with its own uninstall process

  • Click on Start icon — click Programs — find and move the mouse to the Kaspersky Pure on the menu
  • Click the remove button on its sub-menu, and process the removing process with the instructions
  • When you encounter the “Saving objects” windows during the removal, click to choose all of items to clean all objects

If you think that the removal just finish when you do the above job, you are wrong, because there are many related components especially registry keys are leftover after the standard removal, the next thing you should do is a great project, which is to find out and remove all of these leftovers manually.

  • Firstly, check and clean the install folder
    Go to the install directly of the program, if the install folder still can be found, forcedly remove all of the content inside.
  • Secondly, find out and remove all of related registries on computer system
    Click on Start — Run — type “regedit
    Then the Registry Editor will be opened, identify all of registries associated with Kaspersky Pure, and remove
    Restart your computer

When taking a look at this removal, many of you might think that it is complex and difficult for the common users to complete. As a matter of fact, if you do not have a wealth of knowledge and experience, it is not only complicated but also very high risky for you to clean all of related registries on the system, because you don’t understand these registries and also easily cause the manual error to trigger more serious system problems on the PC. Therefore, you should think it carefully before you open your system Registry Editor.

Steps to remove it with Add/Remove programs

  • Click on Start menu — Control Panel — Add/Remove programs


  • Find and highlight the Kaspersky Pure, click on the remove button below
  • The same to method one, complete the removal with the guides and then start to clean the leftovers on PC.

As we can see that neither using its own uninstall process or Add/Remove programs cannot help the computer user to uninstall Kaspersky Pure easily and quickly on the PC, is there any other better way to remove it more effectively? The best answer will be the Special Uninstaller.

Uninstall Kaspersky Pure with Special Uninstaller

Special Uninstaller is a third party uninstall tool that specialized in completely and automatically clean the installed application on the computer, it is no need and also cannot persuade you to believe that it is such a good product with my program description, here are the specific steps and video about how to use the Special Uninstaller to uninstall Kaspersky Pure successfully on the computer.

1. Open Special Uninstaller — click to choose the Kaspersky Pure on the program list — click on Run Uninstaller
2. Confirm the removal via clicking on the Yes button — and continue the removal with the insturctions
3. When you encounter the windows below, remember to choose all of items on the saving subjects — click Next
4. Move on, and you will see a prompt to remind you restart the computer — click Yes to reboot the PC
5. After starting up the computer again, click on open Special Uninstaller, and you will see the following picture
6. Click “Review all the leftovers” – remove these leftovers
7. And then you have complete the removal and uninstall Kaspersky Pure completely and successfully






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