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IObit Uninstaller is a third party uninstall application that claims to help people uninstall any installed programs and browser plug-ins on the computer, but some people who don’t want to continue use this program are encountering a big trouble: how can uninstall IObit Uninstaller on the computer?
What are the problems you might encounter if you decide to remove the program on your PC? Maybe some of you have found that there are some programs cannot be easily removed by the computer’s own uninstall utility. When you try to uninstall IObit Uninstaller with Add/Remove programs, you may receive the error message like “Fail to completely uninstall application form system” or “Cannot Uninstall IObit Uninstaller program”. What’s more, the IObit Uninstaller installation usually bundles with other applications which belonging to the same publisher, such as the Advanced SystemCure Ultimate and Surfing Protection. So when you try to uninstall the program, these programs also need to be removed from the PC.

Useful tips to uninstall IObit Uninstaller

Manual method to remove IObit Uninstaller

It is for sure that the manual removal of the program must contains many complex and tedious steps, if you are confident with your computer knowledge and experiences, you can try to uninstall IObit Uninstaller by yourself.
Step one, uninstall IObit Uninstaller
1. Open Start menu on the desktop, and then select Control Panel, and Add/Remove programs
2. Then a list of programs will presents, choose IObit Uninstaller from the list, click on Remove icon
3. Finish the removal with the instructions
Step two, uninstall Advanced SystemCure Ultimate and Surfing Protection
When you complete the standard removal of IObit Uninstaller, you also need to uninstall Advanced SystemCure Ultimate and Surfing Protection with the same removing steps. As the security program always keep running on the computer, please remember to stop them running on the PC via the Task Manager.
Step three – clean up all of remnant files on the PC
After removing the three program in Add/Remove programs, you should clean all of leftovers on the computer manually. What kind of files and components are still on the computer? There are should be various: stubborn files or modules in the install folder, many of related registries in the system registry database, and etc. To totally uninstall IObit Uninstaller and related programs, you should check all of these parts and clean the related components thoroughly.
But obviously, the last manual removing job is a great task for many computer users, it is hard to find out and clean all of them from the computer. If you want a more effective way, the following method will be much better.

Recommended method – invite a professional and powerful uninstall tool

A professional third party uninstall tool is currently the most effective way to deal with the various kinds of complex or difficult program removal on the computer, with the advanced technology and automatic removing function, it always can help people to get rid of a program quickly. However, as more and more uninstall applications available online, how to choose a really useful and professional one is a tough question. Here, I would like to say that the Special Uninstall is a good one that you can choose to use, with the simple and automatic steps, you can make clear about how does the program help you to uninstall IObit Uninstaller as well as other applications.
Click the related program running on the computer, and start the removal

1. Install and open the Special Uninstaller on your computer
2. Click on IObit Uninstaller, and Run Uninstaller
3. Confirm the program removal, and finish the first stage of removal
4. Click on scan leftovers, remove all the detected leftovers
5. Back to step 1, click the Advanced SystemCure Ultimate and finish the same removing step
6. Back to step 1, click the Surfing Protection and remove it
7. Restart your computer






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