How to Uninstall Mario Forever Toolbar (Removal Tips)

Mario Forever Toolbar is also a browser add-on that commonly appears on many computers’ browsers. It claims to offer the web searching service and allow the user to access to several customized applications. If you don’t want to use or let it appear on your browser, you can choose to uninstall Mario Forever Toolbar on the computer.

Although it is not a virus or rogue application which will seriously infect the PC, this toolbar also create some other problems unexpectedly, especially in your web browser, such as:

  • Affect the running speed of your web browser
  • Redirect the searching result
  • Display advertisements annoyingly
  • Dominate the homepage and default search engine for a long time

If you also have these problems with this browser add-on on your computer, and eager to totally clean it, just start to uninstall Mario Forever Toolbar with the removing instructions below.

Instructions to uninstall Mario Forever Toolbar for good

Manual way to get rid of the toolbar

Remove virus infections with antivirus program
If you suspect that there is a virus infection on the computer, please take the first step to check your computer security with a powerful antivirus application, after ensuring the computer is in a safe situation, you can get start to uninstall Mario Forever Toolbar on your PC.

One – remove Mario Forever Toolbar process

1. Click to open the Start menu > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs
(for Win 8 users, click This PC > Computer > Open Control Panel)
control panel
2. Select Mario Forever Toolbar process on the list, click on the remove button to start the uninstallation

Two – clean the toolbar on all of installed browsers

In Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome, click on the menu icon (with three bars)


  • Click on Tools, and then Extensions


  • Disable and remove Mario Forever Toolbar and other unknown toolbars
  • Go to the setting section, click “Manage Search Engine…”


  • Change your default search engine to avoid the one which associated to the Mario Forever Toolbar toolbar
  • Restart your Google Chrome

In Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools or the gear icon at the top, and select Internet Options


  • Go to the Advanced tab in the Internet Options window, click on Reset button on the right side


  • Continue and go to the Delete personal settings box, click on Reset
  • Close the window when the resetting is completed, click OK


  • Restart the Internet Explorer

In Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox, click on Firefox button at the top left corner, click on Help


  • Select “Troubleshooting Information” on the Help sub-menu
  • Then you will receive a confirmation window, click on Reset Firefox to continue the resetting


  • Allow the Firefox to be closed, it will open again, and your Firefox will be reset
  • Click on Finish when there is a pop up telling you about the changes

It is for sure that the manually cleaning the toolbar on PC will takes you some time and energy, if you want the Mario Forever Toolbar removal can be much easier but also removed thoroughly, it is recommended to use Special Uninstaller, an automatic and advanced uninstall tool.

Automatic way to uninstall Mario Forever Toolbar

Besides manually get rid of the add-on on your computer and browser, applying a third party uninstall tool is also able to complete the Mario Forever Toolbar removal for good, which is more effective and time-saving than the former, because it can process the complex and cockamamie removing steps automatically. Here are just the tutorials about how to uninstall Mario Forever Toolbar with Special Uninstaller, which is a good tool that you can choose to conduct the removing job.

  • Install and run Special Uninstaller
  • Select Mario Forever Toolbar install program, and click Run Uninstaller


  • When the first stage of removal finished, click on Scan leftovers


  • Remove all of leftovers then back to the first interface
  • Click to open Plug-in Cleaner of this uninstaller


  • Click on Scan Now, then it will show you all the add-on on your PC
  • Choose Mario Forever Toolbar, and clean it

The big difference between manual removal and automatic removal is the removing process is significantly simplified by the uninstall tool, which is just cater for people hoping to save the time as much as possible in computer error repair or system maintenance. Therefore, if you want this easy way to uninstall Mario Forever Toolbar and other stubborn plug-ins, please just install such an effective uninstall tool on your PC.






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