Easily Uninstall Avira System Speedup on PC


Are you getting any error information or encountering any problem while uninstalling Avira System Speedup on the computer? Do you have the problem of being not able to remove the program for some reasons. Don’t worry, this post will show you how can remove Avira System Speedup with ease.

Avira System Speedup is a system optimized application developed by Avira, and claims to enhance your system performance via clearing the system’s useless contents and optimize the structure. It is not a difficult task to uninstall a program on the computer, but the Avira System Speedup removal sometimes would cause some troubles which cannot be finished smoothly. What’s the matter of it?

  • Possible reasons of unsuccessful removal:
  • Improper installation of the program
  • General removal cannot help to clean it completely and effectively
  • Program itself is broken
  • Incorrect removal of the application

Incomplete or unsuccessful removal will create many problems on the computer: a great deal of remnant files occupy the limited system space, some other applications or fail to be installed on the computer for occurring the conflict issue with associated Avira components, slower computer operation and etc.

Proper resolutions to uninstall Avira System Speedup

Option one – remove it with Windows removing utility

On Windows 8 operating system

  • Open Task manager (press Ctrl + Alt + Del key at the same time)
  • Stop all of processes belonging to Windows removing utility running on the computer
  • Right-click on the Start menu, select Programs and Features


  • Click on Uninstall a program, then it will show you a list of all installed programs


  • Locate and highlight Avira System Speedup in the list, click on Uninstall button at the top


  • Click Yes to make sure you decide to uninstall the program
  • Follow the removing guides to finish uninstallation
  • Restart the computer after completed
  • Go to the desktop, move the cursor to the right side of the screen, and the hidden menu will be opened


  • Click on Search, and type “regedit” in the box to find and go to the Registry Editor, delete all registry keys related to Avira System Speedup


Attention: since there are many important system registries in the editor, it is suggested to back up all of the registry data before conduct the removing job.

Option two – uninstall Avira System Speedup with professional uninstall tool

Applying an uninstall tool is another way that also can help people to get rid of the installed program on PC, and it becomes more popular and effective for the program removal while comparing to the Control Panel, this is because a sophisticated uninstall tool usually can help people to uninstall a program completely without any leftovers, which often can’t be done by the Windows uninstall utility.
A good uninstall program often contains the advanced uninstall features and technology that fulfill the requirement of complete and proper program removal, uninstall Avira System Speedup with such a remover will be much easier and faster.

  • Download and install a removal tool on the PC
  • Open it, and select Avira System Speedup from the list of installed programs
  • Click Run Uninstaller to start the removal


  • When finish the first step of removal, click Scan leftovers


  • Remove all of detected leftovers on PC


  • Then it will how you the successful removal result
  • Close uninstaller, and restart your computer system

Besides the standard removal, some removing applications like Special Uninstaller is also can be used to remove the broken Avira System Speedup program.

  • Click on “Not listed above?“ at the bottom of the removal tool


  • Select the installed folder of the program you need to remove as the following image


  • Click on the Scan Button to start the removal
  • Finish all removing steps with instructions, and restart your PC

Besides uninstall Avira System Speedup, many other programs which are stubbornly located on your computer also can be removed effectively as long as you get such a good uninstall tool. If you haven’t been tried this way, you can download the Special Uninstaller here to have a try.







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