Uninstall WordShark in An Effective Way – Program Removal Tips

Are you encountering a removal problem with WordShark application? Do you know how can uninstall WordShark smoothly on your PC? Just stuck in this problem and cannot confront? Don’t worry, we will present the effective program removal guides in this post to help you get rid of it quickly.

More details about WordShark?

WordShark claims as a free application that enable users to conduct a search online quickly, since it will display pop-up ads when use it to search and visit website online, some people want to uninstall WordShark on their PCs, and here’s the problem – WordShark often cannot be removed successfully or thoroughly on the computer.
When using WordShark on the web browser, Ads By WordShark will display very frequently and annoy you, because no one like to see their browsers are bombarded by the useless and annoying advertisements. If it is a bad experience for you to using this item, you should uninstall WordShark instantly to clear your web browser.

Typical removal of WordShark on PC

Windows attached uninstall feature is the first choice when people need to remove an unwanted program installed on their computers, so this is definitely the typical way people used to remove an application, so generally, many people would consider to uninstall WordShark in this way:

  • Right-click on the Windows(Start) icon (Win8.1), click on the first item “Programs and Features


  • Select WordShark on the list of installed programs in the panel, then click on Uninstall button


  • Process and finish the program removal with the uninstall wizard.

Wait, there are something important you neglected if you just finish the uninstallation at this moment, because the program does not to be removed completely on the computer. When open the web browser again, many of you guys still can find this item appear on the browser.

Limitations of uninstalling WordShark with Windows remover

Although the Windows remover enable users to uninstall the installed program, it is not 100% guarantee to help you remove it completely, especially those install some features on the web browser. In order to totally uninstall WordShark, you should clean its associated features and items on the every web browser on the computer.
How to clean WordShark’s associated components on web browser
Disable and remove toolbar
1.Find the Tools item on your web browser, find out the Add-on or Extensions section
2. Select the associated add-on, and disable and remove it on the browser
Change default search engine
Open the general settings of your web browser, change Google or other search engine instead of the WordShark.
Change homepage
Change the homepage or start-page of your web browser to other website instead of the official website of WordShark.
If you don’t want to uninstall WordShark with these complex and redundant steps, try Special Uninstaller to remove it more quickly and easily.

How can uninstall WordShark more effectively

As a third part and professional removal tool, Special Uninstaller provide the automatic removal for installed programs and toolbar on the computer, all of associated components will be detected and deleted with its automatic uninstall feature.
Tutorials to uninstall WordShark with Special Uninstaller

  • Stop WordShark running on your PC, and close your web browser
  • Launch Special Uninstaller on your computer, select WordShark on the menu
  • Click Run Uninstaller, WordShark removal will be processed automatically


  • After then, click Scan Leftovers, Special Uninstaller will show you all of related files on your PC


  • Click Delete Leftovers, and click OK to finish the complete removal

If you need to remove the toolbar, please refer to the following steps:

  • Click on Plug-in Cleaner at the bottom of the uninstaller, this is a special removal feature for the browser add-on removal
  • Click on Scan Now, Special Uninstaller will scan the browser add-on on your computer


  • Select the associated add-on, click Clean


Reset browser to clear everything installed on browser

If there are many toolbar or add-ones installed on your web browser, you can choose to remove all of them via resetting your browser to back to the original situation.
For Internet Explorer

  • Open your IE browser, click on Tools (or great icon)


  • Click on Internet Options, go to the Advanced tab


  • Click on Reset button, complete the Delete personal settings box, then click on Reset


  • When the browser is reset to the original situation, lick on OK, then restart the web browser

For Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox, click on the logo at the top left corner
  • Click on Help, then select “Troubleshooting Information”


  • Click Reset Firefox on the message which requires you to confirm the reset


  • Follow the instructions to close the browser, then it will open again to finish the reset
  • Click on Finish on the message which informs you about the successful modification

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