How should I uninstall Wise Care 365 Free?

One of my friends  asked me for help because she couldn’t remove a program called Wise Care 365 Free yesterday. I helped her uninstall Wise Care 365 Free, and now I would share the solution with you and I hope it would be useful for you.
This program is an all-in-one utility which includes PC checkup, System Cleaner, System Tune-up, System Monitor and Assistance. It provides a better option of optimizing and accelerating your computer.
It seems that it can solve many problems for you. But, have you ever known it would become your big problem? Wise Care 365 Free sometimes could be installed in you computer as a bundled software. Or, you just installed the application by mistake. No matter what, today I would tell you some ways to uninstall this program.
Before I teach you how to uninstall it I want to tell you a story.
My dear mom watched TV series and chat online everyday on the computer since she retired last year. I had to download tons of TV series for her. Until I went to a different city for work, it means she must learn to use computer by herself.

One day I came home and found my mom was playing computer games. Then I was surprised that the computer desktop was crowded with countless programs. Mom told me the computer became slower and slower even froze sometimes.  With those programs on the desktop, of course, tell me about it!!!
Absolutely it was my responsibility to fix the computer. I found my mom didn’t know much about computer, so she installed a lot of unnecessary programs in Disk C by mistake. That was the reason why the computer got much more slower. Then I bought Wise Care 365 Free to help me out.

What is Wise Care 365 Free & How to uninstall Wise Care 365 Free

Wise Care 365 Free is a PC cleaning and speed up tool. It cleans registry and junk files from your PC. And accelerating your computer. However, I found it sometimes couldn’t be compatible with other programs so that it can’t function correctly. Even super heroes have weakness, so your savior won’t save you every time you have trouble like Spider Man saves his girlfriend time and time again. It proves that this application can’t 100% protect your computer 365 days a year. Other users found it was corrupt and couldn’t work properly. Because of all these reasons finally I decided to remove it from my computer.
what I want to tell you is that it is a kind of system optimizing tool. It has many utilities, so to remove it completely is harder than you think.
I saw how my mom uninstalled programs before, it made me feel I still need to tell you guys how to uninstall programs again.
Please pay attention, programs removal doesn’t mean just to simply drag them into the Recycle Bin or right-click and delete. Now, here are the correct steps to uninstall Wise Care 365 Free:

Now to uninstall Wise Care 365 Free manually

Before removal, make sure Wise Care 365 Free is turned off first, Right-click the its icon and click “Exit“.
If you couldn’t turn it off from the icon, please try to do it from the Windows Task Manager. Find Wise Care 365 Free.exe in the manager list, then select it and click ‘End Process’.
Okay, right now, let me show you how to remove it.
1. Right-click”Start” then click “Control Panel“.
2. Double click “programs“.
3. Find Wise Care 365 Free in the list and choose to remove it like the picture below.
This removal task would be done within seconds. You think this program has been uninstalled completely from your computer? Absolutely not! There are few steps left to do.
4. Empty folders related to Wise Care 365 Free would still be in the driver. Open “This PC” and double click the driver which you installed this application and right-click the related folder and delete it. Then don’t forget to empty your Recycle Bin.
5. It is necessary to delete the Wise Care 365 Free leftover entries or you aren’t able to uninstall it 100% completely. Please open the Registry Editor and delete all the related folders.
Now I am sure you have 100% uninstalled this program already!
BUT! Here comes the question: What if my mom installed programs on the computer desktop again? Can she remove all those unnecessary programs like what I listed above? Or she may encounter other problems like other users:

  • It is unable to be removed with Add/Remove program of Windows.
  • Constant errors when trying to uninstall Wise Care 365 Free.
  • It is still running on the background after you removing it.
  • Its leftovers are found all over the place and you don’t know how to delete them all.

All the above problems are usually caused by improper installation. Corruption or damage of the program can also lead to uninstall troubles. Uninstall problem can be a pain in the butt and drives you crazy. I was so relived that I found Special Uninstaller to solve my problems.

‘Hey, even my mom can uninstall Wise Care 365 Free by herself!’


Special Uninstaller Special Uninstaller is able to effectively remove any program , leftover files, registry entries.
Steps to remove Wise Care 365 Free with Special Uninstaller
1. As you can see from the picture below, select the target program in the list on the left and clickRun Uninstaller.
2. Special Uninstaller will ask for your permission to uninstall Wise Care 365 Free. Click “Yes“.
3. Click “Scan Leftovers” to detect the leftover files and registry entries until the uninstall process completed.
4. Review the programs leftovers on the left, select related files and folders. Then click “Delete Leftovers” to completely uninstall Wise Care 365 after Special Uninstaller asking for your permission.
Okay! Now you know how to uninstall Wise Care 365 Free. Mission completed! Programs removal has never been so easy! Told you, even my mom can do it!
To be more specific, I made a video to show you how to do it:


Last Few Things To Say

Above that’s how I uninstall Wise Care 365 Free. I am happy if you were satisfied with Special Uninstaller. With Special Uninstaller, uninstalling becomes much more easier. I wish my suggestions above could really help you out. If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s our honor to serve you:)

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