How to Remove Free Netflix Download from Your PC

You can find specific solutions to remove Free Netflix Download. The program’s relevant information has also been provided on this page.
Free NetFlix Download
Relased by FreeGrapApp, Free Netflix Download is the first app that is able to download Netflix videos for free, without spending any internet traffic or disrupting Netflix limitations. The problem is that some users found it hard to remove when they need to conduct the removal for reasons. Are you having the same experience? If you have tried everything to get rid of it but ended up with failure, read this full instruction and learn how to correctly remove Free Netflix Download.

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Free Netflix Download – Program’s Overview

Latest version: (over 79% of all current installations)
Size: 49.63 MB
Default installation folder: C:\Program Files\Free Netflix Download
Program executable: FreeNetflixDownload.exe
Official website:

Remove Free Netflix Download Step by Step

1. The first thing to attempt is to reinstall Free Netflix Download.
You may be provided with an option to remove the program. If not, you can perform the removal again after reinstalling it. If it completes the removal properly then you are done. If not, go to the next step.
2. Make sure you’re running your PC as administrator.
And remember to shut down the program before you take actions to remove Free Netflix Download.
3. Shut down the Free Netflix Download program.
Open Task Manager to check whether there is any related process running in the background and end them.
4. Remove Free Netflix Download from Control Panel.
Just right-click the Start button and select Programs and Features. Double click Free Netflix Download to begin. When asked if you are sure about the removal or something like that, click “Yes” and follow the default uninstaller to proceed until this part is finished.
Remove Free Netflix Download in Windows.
5. Remove Free Netflix Download from Windows Registry Editor.
The entries of every program are written on the Windows REGISTRY during installation, so if you want to complete remove one, don’t skip this part. But modifying REGISTRY settings incorrectly can cause serious issues that may prevent your PC from booting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that any issues resulting from the configuring of REGISTRY settings can be solved. Modifications of these settings are at your own risk.
In the Search box on the taskbar, type in “regedit” and press Enter on your keyboard.
Then the Registry Editor will be presented with a new window > To completely remove Free Netflix Download, delete everything under:
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Free Netflix Download
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Free Netflix Download
6. At last, reboot your PC.
If you have performed every step above, the program should be gone. What if you think it too tedious to read and understand and want a simpler solution? Luckily I prepared the following part.

Simpler Solution to Remove Free Netflix Download

Instead of taking the path through Programs and Features and Registry Editor, see if you’re going to like this.
1. Get Special Uninstaller.
Click any of the blue download buttons on the page or visit the homepage to download & install this removal tool.
2. Remove Free Netflix Download.
Double-click its desktop icon to launch it, you will know what programs are currently installed on your PC. Find and select Free Netflix Download as your target, and click Run Uninstaller to scan for all the related files.
Remove Free Netflix Download using Special Uninstaller.
3. Remove the lingering files.
Confirm the removal. When it says “Please wait while Special Uninstaller initializes the uninstall process.” Then you can click Scan Leftovers to scan for its leftovers, and click Delete Leftovers at last to completely remove Free Netflix Download.

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4. Go back to refresh the list.
Clicking Back will bring you back to the program list, then you may check whether Free Netflix Download has gone from your PC. Now you can read on to learn some basic maintenance skills that may benefit your PC performance.
To check whether your target has gone, click “Back to Step1” one, and the list of currently installed programs will be refreshed.

Remove Free Netflix Download – Video Demonstration

By now you have learned how things work in Window systems when it comes to program’s removal. You can also take the similar steps to clean out the programs that are no longer needed, the performance of your system will be greatly optimized, in the meantime much space can be freed up for other uses. Either by taking the regular steps or using the cleaning tool will be a good way to termly maintain your PC.
If you need to reinstall Free Netflix Download, download the installer from its official site instead of some unknown resource site where you may get other unwanted bundled products. That’s the best way to avoid dangerous elements from getting into the operating system – paying attention from the beginning.
For further discussion about how to remove Free Netflix Download, leave your comments below. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a proper answer.
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