How to Uninstall Skitch for Windows – Removal of Skitch for Windows

Skitch for Windows has become a convenient tool for editing and managing images since it lets you communicate your feedback and important ideas in an instant. Using Skitch for to mark up a PDF, snap your screen, annotate a photo, or draw something new is just clicks job. Similarly, sharing your thoughts with friends or co-workers with created annotate images and PDFs with arrows, stamps, text, shapes, and more.
How to uninstall Skitch for Windows if you need to reinstall the program on your computer? If you’re a newbie, you might think that uninstalling it is a hard job. Then maybe the experience here helps you to force uninstall Skitch for Windows or remove others Windows software instantly from your computer. Start the removal by following steps below.

Majority of users uninstall program from Windows default function, you can try the following tips to delete Skitch for Windows as well.
1. Go to the “Start Menu” on the bottom left of your computer’s screen.
2. Locate and click on “Control Panel”.
3. Find the “Add or Remove Programs” icon and double-click it.
4. Here you’ll see a whole list of programs & applications that are installed on your computer. Find and select Skitch and click “Uninstall”.
5. Confirm that you want to uninstall Skitch for Windows by clicking on yes.
This process can remove the program from your windows. But if you search Skitch form your computer, you might amazedly find that there are leftover entries still leave in your registry. If you know how to work with the windows registry, you probably can perform a manual force uninstall.
However, this is obviously pretty advanced stuff, and if you’re not a power user, then perhaps you should consider using specialized software which allows you to do this job automatically.

Uninstall Skitch for Windows with auto-uninstaller


    • STEP 3: Click “Yes” button to start the uninstall process.


  • STEP 4: Wait for the standard uninstall process to be completed and select Scan Leftovers to detect leftover files/registry entries and click Delete Leftovers.


    • STEP 5: Click “OK” and back to main panel.

Automatic removal is quicker, easier, and affordable. Additionally, the automatic removal software that I recommend to clients and friends is easy-to-use. It starts up faster than Add/Remove program with all appropriate icons of the application loaded and marks recently installed program. So that you can easily find out the application you want to uninstall. You may also look up the application you want through a handy search function.






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