Can't Uninstall SyncToy – How to Uninstall SyncToy Easily

SyncToy is a freeware that provides a convenient user interface for synchronizing files and folders. It is the type of tool you need when you want to copy or synchronize information between two directories. The user interface of the software is plain and intuitive. In order to get started, you have to create a new folder pair.
If you don’t need SyncToy and want to uninstall it from your system. This article would be a great help. You can easily uninstall SyncToy with solutions below.

To uninstall SyncToy, first you need to end all the processes from running. To do this, open Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL-SHIFT-DEL, then go to processes. Stop and terminate the related executable files.

Manual removal

On purpose to uninstall SyncToy instantly, you may consider enable the Windows default Add/Remove utility on your computer to help you. Now follow the steps if you are using Windows operating system:
1) Click on Start, Click on Control Panel.
2) Double-click on Add or Remove on Windows XP,or Uninstall a program on Win 7.
3) Find SyncToy listed and click on it.
4) Click on Uninstall.
5) A warning message will pop up, place a checkmark next to SyncToy you wish to remove and confirm.
Manual removal procedure is not simple as you think. Be patient as it will usually take long time to complete the removal. If however you are still finding files and folders that are associated with the program then you will need to manually delete data from the system registry. To get this done:
1. Type REGEDIT.EXE into the Run tool.
2. Look for any files or folders that are labeled with the same name as the SyncToy you are trying to delete.
3. Delete or drag the file or folder into the recycle bin.
4. Empty the recycle bin and then restart your system.

You may feel that step to remove its entries is easy. But in fact, it requires you are a careful person. But if you are not familiar with computer, you may encounter larger software that takes more time to remove.
Try to use an automatic but professional uninstall tool such as Special Uninstaller. It can be your best choice to fully uninstall SyncToy while cleaning up all its entries for good.


    • STEP 3: Click “Yes” button to start the uninstall process.


  • STEP 4: Wait for the standard uninstall process to be completed and select Scan Leftovers to detect leftover files/registry entries and click Delete Leftovers.


    • STEP 5: Click “OK” and finish.


Now you can see that removing SyncToy from your computer is quite simple. However, sometimes the process is not as smooth as it may seem. The process is simple and you will make a mistake during this process easily too. If you want to keep your system in safety, it is highly recommended you to use a 3rd party uninstall tool. Special Uninstaller is one of the most excellent uninstall tool and it would uninstall any unwanted program quickly and completely for you.






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