Uninstall RegClean Pro – Program Removal Guides

program interface
RegClean Pro is often regarded as a rogue antivirus program and do any good for the computer system. So many people wish to uninstall RegClean Pro quickly and completely from their PCs. However, the removal is not as optimistic as many people think. There might be many problems that need to be resolved during the process.

If you had been tried to install this program on your computer, you will find that a series of other applications will also be installed when you do not change the default settings during the install process. And many people think that these programs don’t do anything they say on the computers, so there is a large need for removing RegClean Pro with success on PC.

General problems of RegClean Pro removal

Uninstall RegClean Pro sometimes is not a good job as many general program removal, people will see many tough problems while perform the removing process, such as:

  • Cannot find RegClean Pro program name in the program list of Windows attached uninstall utility
  • RegClean Pro keep appearing on the computer even though complete the removal beforehand
  • Computer are always reported the serious virus infection

Suggestions about how to uninstall RegClean Pro on Computer

Proper steps to remove RegClean Pro with Windows attached uninstall utility

Many people might have been very familiar with the removing process in the Windows XP or Windows 7 operating system, so here are the specific steps about how to uninstall RegClean Pro on computer with Windows 8.
1. Open the File Explorer, click on “Computer” on the top left corner, and click on “Open Control Panel”
2. Click on “Uninstall a program” behind the “Programs” icon
3. Double click on the “RegClean Pro” program, click on “Uninstall” button to confirm the removal
choose program
uninstall Regclean Pro
4. Follow the guides to finish the removal
5. Restart your computer, and click on “Start” > “Run” > “regedit” to open Registry Editor
6. Identify and remove all of RegClean Pro related registries
Deleting registries on the Windows system is often a dangerous task, because accidentally removing any important system registry will easily cause very serious system problems on the computer, and even make the whole system crash. So please ensure that you are able to do that job.

Recommended solution: uninstall RegClean Pro with effective tools

Remove RegClean Pro with a professional third party uninstall tool
Compare to the manual removal, applying some applications to complete the job will save much of time as well as the energy, and also can avoid those possible manual error effectively. Therefore, in order to uninstall RegClean Pro, it is advised to invite a third party uninstall tool, which performs more professionally than the computer uninstall utility. Special Uninstaller is a good choice that is capable of removing the program and all of related components completely on the PC, any manual action will not be used during the removal. The special “Scan and Remove Leftovers” feature will help you erase all of components after the standard removal.
1. Download and install Special Uninstaller on PC
2. Open the program to find and locate RegClean Pro on the program list
select RegClean  Pro
3. Click on “Run Uninstaller”, and confirm the removal by clicking “Yes”
click yes
4. Close all of websites pop up on the computer during the standard removal, and click “Scan Leftovers”
scan leftovers
5. Click on “Delete Leftovers” to remove all of detected files
delete leftovers
6. Back to the step one and click on the blank to make sure the RegClean Pro does not exist on the program list
7. Close the uninstall tool, restart our computer
Scan and remove infected viruses with antivirus program
Since the RegClean Pro is a rogue antivirus application and might attach some virus infections on the computer secretly, after uninstalling RegClean Pro,  it is better to run a virus scan and removal with an advanced security program to make sure your computer is protected well from virus attack.


Useful Tips to Uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere Successfully on PC

Webroot SecureAnywhere is one antivirus application of the various Webroot products, and takes responsibility for protecting your computer system and online business from virus attack. As many other general programs, it also can be uninstalled by the Windows Control Panel, but some people still encounter some problem of the program’s removal. So here we learn something about how can uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere successfully on the computer.

People may need to remove Webroot SecureAnywhere for many reasons: Webroot SecureAnywhere is not good to use, program conflict, need to reinstall it as it is corrupted, and virus invasion…, when you try to uninstall it with the common removing way, some of the following problems will appear to annoy you:

  • Cannot find the Webroot SecureAnywhere program name on the Windows attach uninstall utility
  • Being refused to uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere on the computer
  • Associated files and processes still exist after the removal on Control Panel

It seems like additional measures should be taken if you want to remove Webroot SecureAnywhere on the computer, and what should we do? Please refer to the following instructions.

Useful tips to help you uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere

Measure one – properly use the Windows Control Panel to remove the program

  1. Click on Start menu >>> Control Panel >>> Add and Remove Programs
  2. Find and locate Webroot product on the programs list
  3. Click on the remove button, and finish the uninstall process
  4. Restart your computer
  5. Download and install the Webroot WRUpgradeTool.exe upgrade/cleanup tool on your computer
  6. Running the tool on your computer, and activate the uninstall process
  7. When the message “Removal procedures have been completed” appears, click the close button
  8. Reboot the Windows system

Measure two – uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere with its attach removing utility

  1. Click on Start menu >>> All Programs >>> Webroot SecureAnywhere
  2. Continue to select Tools >>> Uninstall Webroot
  3. Complete the removal, and restart the computer
  4. If some related programs still can be found, follow the step 5 through 8 in the Measure one

Measure three – uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere with Special Uninstaller

The most popular and effective measure I would like to choose and recommend to all you guys to use a third party removal tool, which is a specialized program that enables the computer users to completely and correctly uninstall any unwanted applications installed on the computer. When searching an uninstaller online, you will find that there are a lot of available choice, and Special Uninstaller, is the one with friendly interface and advanced technology that would help the people to remove the program easily and thoroughly. Therefore, to uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere which seems to be a stubborn item that difficult to clean up on the PC, you can try the Special Uninstaller.

1. Download Special Uninstaller on a reputable site
2. Following the prompts to install Special Uninstaller on the PC
3. Start up the uninstall program, highlight Webroot SecureAnywhere on the list, click “Run Uninstaller”
4. Finish the standard removing process with instructions, and click on “Scan Leftovers”
5. Remove all of detected leftovers, back to the step one
6. click on the blank, and you will see the program cannot be found on the programs list, close Special Uninstaller
7. Restart the computer

How-to-Unininstall Windows Uninstaller Download

Uninstall Driver Detective Tips – Professional Removing Instructions

 Driver Detective's_interface

Program description:

Driver Detective is a third party program that specially designed to maintain the computer system updated, offer available drivers, and automatically check the updates for the drivers on the computer.

Driver Detective removing problems

When talk about the Driver Detective removal, some people will think that it is hard to uninstall Driver Detective, and it is often because they cannot find it on the Add/Remove programs, or some components of the program reject to be deleted, or people still can find it existed on the PC after the removal. Actually, many of these removing problems are due to the following issues:

  • Driver Detective program has been corrupted so it cannot be found on the Add/Remove programs
  • Some stubborn of this program cannot be easily removed by the common removing process
  • Driver Detective often results in incomplete removal, so it still appears on the PC

When getting know about the specific causes, what should we do to uninstall Driver Detective successfully and completely? Please refer the following instructions.

How to uninstall Driver Detective in details

Option one – professional uninstaller help you uninstall Driver Detective

If you want to avoid many tedious manual actions and save much of time in the program removal, the best way I would recommend to you is using a third party uninstall tool, this is the most professional application in currently that can enable people easily and quickly remove nearly all of installed programs on the PC. Comparing to any other removal, it is definitely the one that most time-efficient. Special Uninstaller is such an application that can fulfill the requirement of Driver Detective removal, you can have a look at how does the Special Uninstaller uninstall Driver Detective on your PC.
1. Download and install Special Uninstaller on the PC

2. Select Driver Detective in its program list, click “Run Uninstaller”



3. Click “Yes” to confirm the removal, and finish the standard removing process with the instructions


4. After that, you should remember to scan leftovers at the end
5. When the whole removal is completed, restart your computer
If you don’t want to use the program and think that it is a waste of money, maybe you can try the following manual removing way, and you should probably be more patient cause you have to complete a series of manual actions.

Option two – manually uninstall Driver Detective

  1. Open your Windows attached uninstall utility
    For XP users: Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs
    For Win 7 or Vista users: Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program
    For Win 8 users: Right-click in the screen’s bottom-left corner > Control Panel > Programs and Features
  2. Fine Driver Detective in the program list, and click on the remove button
  3. Follow the guides to process the removal
  4. When the removal finishes, click on Start > Run > enter “regedit” to open your registry editor
  5. Find and remove the following registry entries belonging to the Driver Detective program:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Driver Detective
  6. Search our and remove the following files on the computer
    C:\Program Files\Driver Detective
    C:\Documents and Settings\A\Application Data\Driver Detective
    Restart the computer for a try

Do you think which method is better to uninstall Driver Detective? I think you had already have the right answer.


How can Uninstall ArcSoft MediaImpression Thoroughly on PC

uninstall ArcSoft MediaImpression
ArcSoft MediaImpression is a third party program that related to the video and photo editing and media management, it claims to provide a series of useful tools and facilitate the users for photo and video enhancements. However, sometimes people would get some problems in removing this program on their computers. So, let’s see how can uninstall ArcSoft MediaImpression in a good way.
Video course about how to remove ArcSoft MediaImpression

About ArcSoft MediaImpression removal

Generally, people will need to uninstall ArcSoft MediaImpression for many reasons, such as the corrupted program issue, some do not like to use this program anymore, or the program conflict problem and etc. But unfortunately, the program removing is not as easy as many people think, they often encounter some troubles while performing the removal, and the most common ones are:

  • ArcSoft MediaImpression cannot be found on the program list of Add/ Remove Programs (Windows attached uninstall utility)
  • ArcSoft MediaImpression or its associated components still exist on the computer after the removal
  • Computer gets strange errors during the removal
  • Program refuse to be removed on the PC

These problems can be due to many possible situations on the computer, and the general causes are often located on the incomplete removal of Add/ Remove Programs, ArcSoft MediaImpression cannot be removed for it is still running on the PC, the removing program is corrupted so that cannot be removed via Windows attached uninstall utility. In order to get rid of these problems and uninstall ArcSoft MediaImpression completely and successfully, please follow the removing instructions below.

Effective tips to uninstall ArcSoft MediaImpression error on PC

Uninstall ArcSoft MediaImpression with Add/ Remove Programs

Before starting to remove the program, please open the Task Manager (click Ctrl + Alt + Del) to make sure all of related processes are stop from running, which is the important pre-condition of the complete removal. And then, begin the removing job:

  1. Click on Start > Control Panel > Add/ Remove Programs
  2. Find and locate the ArcSoft MediaImpression on its program list
  3. Click on the remove button to activate the removing process
  4. When finish the removing job, you should go to check its install folder and your Registry Editor to make sure whether all of related components are deleted thoroughly

Although the Add/ Remove Programs is free t use for program removal, people will be very confused when come to the last step, because checking all of related files is not a piece of cake for most of computer users, and the more important point is one should be very careful when they decide to delete anything on the Registry Editor, which is a vital database that contains many indispensable settings and options.

Uninstall ArcSoft MediaImpression with third party uninstall tool

In order to avoid the troublesome manual removing step, applying a professional uninstall tool is what I would like to recommend to the computer users, its considerate and automatic removing process will help you a lot in the ArcSoft MediaImpression removal. Among those uninstall programs available online, Special uninstall is just one of advanced uninstall applications that could fulfill the requirement of complete ArcSoft MediaImpression removal. Here are the removing steps in details:

  • Download and install Special uninstall on the computer

  • Start this program, and find out the ArcSoft MediaImpression on its program list


  • Click on “Run Uninstaller”, and confirm the removal by clicking “Yes” button


  • Wait for the completion of standard uninstall process, and select to scan leftovers


  • Choose to remove all of leftovers on the scan result, click “OK” and finish the whole removal


  • Restart the computer