Uninstall Driver Detective Tips – Professional Removing Instructions

 Driver Detective's_interface

Program description:

Driver Detective is a third party program that specially designed to maintain the computer system updated, offer available drivers, and automatically check the updates for the drivers on the computer.

Driver Detective removing problems

When talk about the Driver Detective removal, some people will think that it is hard to uninstall Driver Detective, and it is often because they cannot find it on the Add/Remove programs, or some components of the program reject to be deleted, or people still can find it existed on the PC after the removal. Actually, many of these removing problems are due to the following issues:

  • Driver Detective program has been corrupted so it cannot be found on the Add/Remove programs
  • Some stubborn of this program cannot be easily removed by the common removing process
  • Driver Detective often results in incomplete removal, so it still appears on the PC

When getting know about the specific causes, what should we do to uninstall Driver Detective successfully and completely? Please refer the following instructions.

How to uninstall Driver Detective in details

Option one – professional uninstaller help you uninstall Driver Detective

If you want to avoid many tedious manual actions and save much of time in the program removal, the best way I would recommend to you is using a third party uninstall tool, this is the most professional application in currently that can enable people easily and quickly remove nearly all of installed programs on the PC. Comparing to any other removal, it is definitely the one that most time-efficient. Special Uninstaller is such an application that can fulfill the requirement of Driver Detective removal, you can have a look at how does the Special Uninstaller uninstall Driver Detective on your PC.
1. Download and install Special Uninstaller on the PC

2. Select Driver Detective in its program list, click “Run Uninstaller”



3. Click “Yes” to confirm the removal, and finish the standard removing process with the instructions


4. After that, you should remember to scan leftovers at the end
5. When the whole removal is completed, restart your computer
If you don’t want to use the program and think that it is a waste of money, maybe you can try the following manual removing way, and you should probably be more patient cause you have to complete a series of manual actions.

Option two – manually uninstall Driver Detective

  1. Open your Windows attached uninstall utility
    For XP users: Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs
    For Win 7 or Vista users: Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program
    For Win 8 users: Right-click in the screen’s bottom-left corner > Control Panel > Programs and Features
  2. Fine Driver Detective in the program list, and click on the remove button
  3. Follow the guides to process the removal
  4. When the removal finishes, click on Start > Run > enter “regedit” to open your registry editor
  5. Find and remove the following registry entries belonging to the Driver Detective program:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Driver Detective
  6. Search our and remove the following files on the computer
    C:\Program Files\Driver Detective
    C:\Documents and Settings\A\Application Data\Driver Detective
    Restart the computer for a try

Do you think which method is better to uninstall Driver Detective? I think you had already have the right answer.






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