Uninstall 4Loot Toolbar Guides – How to Eliminate 4Loot Toolbar

Get struck in cleaning 4Loot Toolbar on the computer and still have any good idea about the resolution? Many computer users may have the similar experiences of being not able to uninstall 4Loot Toolbar on the PC. So we just post the available solutions here that all of you can have a try.

4Loot Toolbar is published as a browser add-on but most people think it is a malicious and infuriating adware, for that it is installed on the computer bundled with other programs, making its own decision to change the browser settings, always bombard the annoying advertisements, and promote the fade programs. To prevent your computer from being infected by dangerous virus and make your browser back to normal, you should uninstall 4Loot Toolbar and clean it completely on your web browser.
Problem of 4Loot Toolbar removal: the biggest trouble when people try to clean the toolbar on the computer is whatever method you take, the 4Loot Toolbar keeps on your web browser like Firefox, Google and Internet Explorer, and continue to pop up a lot of advertisement that without you control.

Available tips to help you uninstall 4Loot Toolbar

Manual way to clean it completely

Many people may have been tried to uninstall 4Loot Toolbar (uninstall it with the Add/Remove programs) but the result is not optimistic, to finish the removal and clean the toolbar on your web browser, you can refer to the following instructions to remove 4Loot Toolbar on each browser.
1. Run Mozilla Firefox, and enter “about:config” on the address bar
2. Click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” when it displays a warning message with the title “This might void your warranty”
3. Right click on the item related to 4Loot Toolbar, select Reset at the bottom
4. Click on Firefox at that top left, select Tools, and Add-ons
5. Disable and remove the toolbar on the list
Google Chrome:
1.Launch Google Chrome, click on the icon with three bars. Select Tools, and Extensions
2. Disable and remove the 4Loot Toolbar, and then click on Settings
3. Locate and click on Manage search engines under the Search section
4. Change another website as your default search engine instead of
Internet Explorer:
1. Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools, and Internet Options
2. Select the preferred search provider to replace the
3. Highlight and disable 4Loot Toolbar

Automatic way to uninstall 4Loot Toolbar

If you haven’t remove the toolbar on the computer yet, using this automatic solution is much more effective and easier to get rid of it completely within a few minutes, for that it can take responsible for the whole removing process and help the people to remove any kind of installed application thoroughly. Therefore, you can try a sophisticated uninstall tool like Special Uninstaller to uninstall 4Loot Toolbar in a quick way.
1. Install and launch Special Uninstaller on your computer
2. Highlight 4Loot Toolbar process name in its interface, click Run Uninstaller
3. Click “Yes” to confirm the removal when there is a pop-up appearing on the program
4. Complete the removal with the guides, and scan and remove leftovers
5. Back to the step one, click to open “Plug-in Cleaner”
6. Click on “Scan Now” button, clean the 4Loot Toolbar on the list
How to clean toolbars with Special Uninstaller:


Uninstall Searchnu Toolbar – Toolbar Uninstall Guides

Searchnu toolbar is a browse add-on published by the IAC Search & Media, Inc. and used to add social network shortcuts and buttons on the web browser, many people in nowadays are trying to uninstall Searchnu toolbar but the results are always negative. So maybe you can try to clean the add-on with the guides presented here.
It seems like many people do not like to use the browser add-on and many security program even regard it as a browser hijacker or other virus category, because it often installs on the computer without the consent of users and redirect the search engine, home page, and search result to Additionally, it always refuses to be uninstalled or modified on the PC whatever you do. Even though you think that you have been disable it and remove it complete on the machine, you still can find it when you open your browse next time.

Therefore, as we can see that it has been one of the item that many people are eager to remove on their computers.

Proper ways to uninstall Searchnu toolbar on the computer

Option one – clean it manually on your computer and browser

Uninstall Searchnu toolbar process with Windows attached uninstall utility
1. Click on My PC > Computer > Open Control Panel
control panel
2. Click Uninstall a program under the “Programs” icon
3. Then you will see a list of installed programs, select Searchnu toolbar > and click on the remove icon on the right bottom
4. Complete the removing process with the instructions
Clean Searchnu toolbar on all of web browsers
Internet Explorer
1. Open the browser, click on Tools, and Internet Options
2. Select General tab, and click on Use default button
3. Enter a new website to replace the as the default homepage
4. Click on Tools again, select Manage Add-ons
5. Click Search Providers and change the default search engine
6. Delete Searchnu toolbar, and restart the browser
Mozilla Firefox
1. Open Firefox, and Tools, Add-ons
2. Select Extensions on the left, disable to remove Searchnu Toolbar
3. Click on the down-facing arrow next to the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner, select Manage Search Engines
4. Choose Searchnu Toolbar and remove it
5. Click on Tools, and Options, go to the General tab and reset the start-up homepage if the current one is
6. Type “config and hit Enter” on the URL address bar, press Enter
7. A pop-up will appears, and click “I’ll be careful, I promise!”
8. Enter “Searchnu Toolbar ” at the top filter
9. Reset all of related settings and go back to the default situation
10. Close and open the browser again to check the result
Google Chrome
1. Open Google Chrome, and Tools, Extensions
2. Find and choose the Searchnu toolbar, remove it in the small recycle bin
3. Click on the “Customize and control Google Chrome”, and click settings
4. Select Manage search engines, and set other search engine as the default one instead of the
5. Disable and remove the related search engine on the list

Option two – uninstall Searchnu toolbar with professional removal tool

If you feel tired to follow the above instructions to remove Searchnu toolbar, you can turn to employ a professional uninstall application, which contains the special utility to scan and remove the toolbars besides installed applications, and people can easily and automatically clean the toolbar with the help of the uninstaller.
Special Uninstaller is a program removing product contains the special function of toolbar removal, after uninstalling process on the program list, people can easily uninstall Searchnu toolbar and any toolbars on the web browser with the “Plug-in Cleaner”.
Steps to uninstall Searchnu toolbar with Special Uninstaller
1. Close all of browsers on the computer
2. Open Special Uninstaller, select the related program which used to install the Searchnu toolbar
3. Click Run Uninstaller to start the removal, don’t forget to scan and remove leftovers
4. While you finish to uninstall the program, back to the step one
5. Click on “Plug-in Cleaner” at the bottom, click “Scan Now” button
6. Select Searchnu toolbar on the scan result, and click to clean it
7. Exit the uninstaller, and restart your computer
Specific tutorials to uninstall toolbar with Special Uninstaller:


Uninstall SpeedBit Toolbar – Effective Toolbar Removal

SpeedBit Toolbar is a browser add-on, extension, and plugin commonly present on your Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer. Many people do not think that they have installed the add-on before but the toolbar keep on their browsers, and replace the original homepage to Want to clean it on your browser? Let’s start to learn the proper way to uninstall SpeedBit Toolbar from this article.

General results and problems of SpeedBit Toolbar removal

When decide to clean the toolbar on the browser and computer, many people would firstly consider to manually disable and delete it on the related browser, or uninstall the related program with its own uninstall process or the Windows attached removing utility. However, the results are often negative as following:

  • The toolbar also appears on the web browser
  • Still always redirect the user to web page
  • Cannot find any other way to clean it thoroughly after the first removal on PC

So, it boils down to one sentence that no matter how you try to get rid of this toolbar on the web browser, people often see it again keeping on the computer and have no other changes. To totally resolve this problem, please continue to see the next section.

Why cannot clean it on browser?

When installing the SpeedBit Toolbar on the computer and browser, many configurations and settings will be changed, but don’t recover to the original settings for the general removal. Therefore, although you had uninstall SpeedBit Toolbar, it still exist on the computer and affect the use of search engine and browser.

Correct way to uninstall SpeedBit Toolbar on PC and browser

As the common way people used to clean this toolbar is useless, I would like to introduce using a uninstall application which has a much more professional performance in removing different kind of installed program on the computer thoroughly. Special Uninstaller, a specific uninstall tool that has been help the computer users to handled many removing problems, just can fulfill the requirement to help you clean SpeedBit Toolbar on the web browser as well as your PC. The special feature “Plug-in Cleaner” with the product contains the powerful ability to fully remove any installed toolbar without any further issue.
Special Uninstaller can help to uninstall SpeedBit Toolbar easily with the following simple steps:
1. Close all of web browser on your computer
2. Click to start Special Uninstaller, and highlight SpeedBit Toolbar
3. Click “Run Uninstaller”, and click “Yes” to start the removal
4. Process the removal with the guides, and click to scan leftovers
5. Remove all of leftovers on the scan result, and click Yes to confirm the removal
6. Click to back to step one, and click to open “Plug-in Cleaner”
7. Click on the “Scan Now” button, it will displays all of toolbars on your PC
8. Select SPEEDbit Video Downloader on the list, and click on “Clean” in the bottom right corner
select to clean
9. Clean the toolbar on the web browser, and close the uninstaller to restart your computer

In this way, you will be able to completely uninstall SpeedBit Toolbar on your PC

If you have remove the process but SpeedBit Toolbar still on your computer

When you had tried to uninstall SpeedBit Toolbar but the removal is incomplete on your web browser and PC, you can try to clean it on your browsers manually.
Internet Explorer

  • Open your Internet Explorer > click Tools > Internet Options > General


  • Enter a new homepage to replace SpeedBit Search > click OK
  • In the upper-right corner, click the down-facing arrow next to the magnifying glass
  • Click on “Manage Search Providers”, find and right click on the SpeedBit Search, click to remove it
  • Close the windows and browser

Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, click “Tools” at the top of the browser > click Options > General


  • Enter a new homepage to replace SpeedBit Search > click OK
  • Click the down-facing arrow next to the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner, click “Manage Search Engines”
  • Remove the “SpeedBit Search”, click OK

Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome, click on the icon with three stripes in the right top of the browser
  • Select Settings and go to the configuration page, find and click on “Open a specific page or set of pages”


  • And then you will see a bunch of URL’s under “Set pages”, delete all of the sites and enter one to be your homepage
  • Next, click on Manage search engines button, delete all of search engine, and enter a new one as your default search Engine

Video about how to uninstall SpeedBit Toolbar:


Uninstall Samsung Kies 3 – Samsung Kies 3 Removal Tips


Many people are discussing online now and hope can find the proper way to uninstall Samsung Kies 3 on the computer, as this program sometimes cannot be removed as easily as installing on the PC. What happen about the program removal?

Program information
Samsung Kies 3 is developed as an application that specially used to connect the phone to the computer, and facilitate the user to find new applications, synchronize data, personalize services, and manage your files and apps on the phones…

Problems of Samsung Kies 3 removal

There are many possible reasons people would like to uninstall Samsung Kies 3 on their computers, the program is not helpful for them, slow down the computer running speed or affect the use of USB device and etc. If you try to remove it on the computer, these problems may come out to annoy you, such as the program is not available on the list of Add/Remove programs, fail to uninstall it with Add/Remove programs, and incomplete removal.

How can uninstall Samsung Kies 3 successfully? The following are three optional solution to remove the program, maybe you can clean it on your PC with one of these methods.

Three options to uninstall Samsung Kies 3

Remove it with Add/Remove programs

(Windows 8)

1. Click on My Computer > Control Panel > Uninstall
2. Scroll down the mouse and select Samsung Kies 3 on the list, and click on the Uninstall button


3. Follow the guides pop up on the computer to finish the standard removal

Uninstall Samsung Kies 3 with its process

1. Find that install process of Samsung Kies 3 on your computer
(if you have been removed it after the installation, you need to get a new one from
2. Double-click to run the program
3. When it prompts to reinstall or remove Samsung Kies 3, click remove
4. Finish the removal with the instructions

Shortcomings of Add/Remove programs and Samsung Kies 3 attached uninstall process

Even though it is easy to say and describe how to uninstall Samsung Kies 3 in words with the above two solutions, the removing process and result are often negative for many potential problem and errors. If you have tried both the solutions and the programs still on your PC. You will need to following way to get rid of it.

Remove it with third party uninstall tool

According to the similar experiences of people being not able to uninstall Samsung Kies 3, getting an advanced uninstall program will be more effective for most of people to remove it easily and thoroughly. Special Uninstaller one of the most popular uninstall tool that usually help the computer user to fully remove the installed programs with ease. To remove Samsung Kies 3 with the program, the uninstall process is also very easy to handle.

1. Run Special Uninstaller, find and select Samsung Kies 3 on the interface


2. Click Run Uninstaller, and click Yes to confirm the removal
3. Click the checkbox to delete temporary save file during the standard removal, and click Yes


4. When complete the standard removal, click to scan leftovers
5. Remove all of detected leftovers, and click Yes to ensure has been removed the program completely



6. Close the uninstaller, and restart your computer

Video tutorial about how uninstall Samsung Kies 3 with Special Uninstaller



Uninstall IObit Uninstaller on PC – Program Removal Guides

IObit Uninstaller is a third party uninstall application that claims to help people uninstall any installed programs and browser plug-ins on the computer, but some people who don’t want to continue use this program are encountering a big trouble: how can uninstall IObit Uninstaller on the computer?
What are the problems you might encounter if you decide to remove the program on your PC? Maybe some of you have found that there are some programs cannot be easily removed by the computer’s own uninstall utility. When you try to uninstall IObit Uninstaller with Add/Remove programs, you may receive the error message like “Fail to completely uninstall application form system” or “Cannot Uninstall IObit Uninstaller program”. What’s more, the IObit Uninstaller installation usually bundles with other applications which belonging to the same publisher, such as the Advanced SystemCure Ultimate and Surfing Protection. So when you try to uninstall the program, these programs also need to be removed from the PC.

Useful tips to uninstall IObit Uninstaller

Manual method to remove IObit Uninstaller

It is for sure that the manual removal of the program must contains many complex and tedious steps, if you are confident with your computer knowledge and experiences, you can try to uninstall IObit Uninstaller by yourself.
Step one, uninstall IObit Uninstaller
1. Open Start menu on the desktop, and then select Control Panel, and Add/Remove programs
2. Then a list of programs will presents, choose IObit Uninstaller from the list, click on Remove icon
3. Finish the removal with the instructions
Step two, uninstall Advanced SystemCure Ultimate and Surfing Protection
When you complete the standard removal of IObit Uninstaller, you also need to uninstall Advanced SystemCure Ultimate and Surfing Protection with the same removing steps. As the security program always keep running on the computer, please remember to stop them running on the PC via the Task Manager.
Step three – clean up all of remnant files on the PC
After removing the three program in Add/Remove programs, you should clean all of leftovers on the computer manually. What kind of files and components are still on the computer? There are should be various: stubborn files or modules in the install folder, many of related registries in the system registry database, and etc. To totally uninstall IObit Uninstaller and related programs, you should check all of these parts and clean the related components thoroughly.
But obviously, the last manual removing job is a great task for many computer users, it is hard to find out and clean all of them from the computer. If you want a more effective way, the following method will be much better.

Recommended method – invite a professional and powerful uninstall tool

A professional third party uninstall tool is currently the most effective way to deal with the various kinds of complex or difficult program removal on the computer, with the advanced technology and automatic removing function, it always can help people to get rid of a program quickly. However, as more and more uninstall applications available online, how to choose a really useful and professional one is a tough question. Here, I would like to say that the Special Uninstall is a good one that you can choose to use, with the simple and automatic steps, you can make clear about how does the program help you to uninstall IObit Uninstaller as well as other applications.
Click the related program running on the computer, and start the removal

1. Install and open the Special Uninstaller on your computer
2. Click on IObit Uninstaller, and Run Uninstaller
3. Confirm the program removal, and finish the first stage of removal
4. Click on scan leftovers, remove all the detected leftovers
5. Back to step 1, click the Advanced SystemCure Ultimate and finish the same removing step
6. Back to step 1, click the Surfing Protection and remove it
7. Restart your computer


Uninstall SweetIM Toolbar – Browser Add-on Removal

Do you want to uninstall SweetIM Toolbar but suffer from having no a proper way to remove it? Many people may have the same experience of cleaning this stubborn add-on on the web browser, so here we will focus on the effective solutions to solve this problem.
Product description:
SweetIM Toolbar is developed as a browser add-on that can be installed on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox, it offers the searching services on the browser and enables the computer users to add the favorite emoticons to emails, blogs and web pages.

Problems of removing SweetIM Toolbar

As the SweetIM Toolbar usually edges out other searching engine, change browser settings without permission, or people just don’t want to use it on the browser and etc., people need to clean it and all of associated components thoroughly on the PC, however, the removing problems just start to appear and trouble you:

  • Cannot find the SweetIM Toolbar install process on the Control Panel
  • Often redirect the searching result from other search engine
  • SweetIM Toolbar keeps appearing on the web browser even though you had been cleaned it before

As long as you get the proper removing way, you are able to uninstall SweetIM Toolbar smoothly and completely on the web browser, here are some suggestions about how can conduct the effective SweetIM Toolbar removal.

Suggestions to uninstall SweetIM Toolbar well

Common manual method

Step one – uninstall SweetIM Toolbar on Add/Remove programs
1.Click on Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs
2. If you are lucky enough and able to find the program on the list of Add/Remove programs, select it
3. Click the remove button on the program below to start the removal
4. When finished, exit the Add/Remove programs
Step two – clean SweetIM Toolbar on your installed browser
If you do not change any default selection during the installation, the SweetIM Toolbar probably install in every browser on your PC, and also change the homepage to or other related website. So you should remember to clean all of them from your PC.
In Internet Explorer
1. Open your IE browser > Tools > Internet Options
2. Click on General tab > click Use default button
3. Enter a new site to replace
4. Return to Tools > Manage Add-ons
5. Select Search Providers, change your default search engine
6. Remove SweetIM Search

In Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox > Tools > Add-ons
  2. Select Extensions > click to remove SweetPacks Toolbar > close the Windows
  3. Click on the icon below and select Manage Search Engines…
  4. Find out and remove SweetIM Search on the list > click OK
  5. Click on Tools > Options > reset the start-up homepage under the General tab
  6. Enter “config and hit Enter” on the URL address bar
  7. Click “I’ll be careful, I promise!” on the pop-up
  8. Type “sweetim” at the top filter
  9. Reset all of settings changed by SweetIM toolbar to restore default value
  10. Reset all related preferences!

In Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome > Tools > Extensions


  • Select SweetIM for Facebook > remove the toolbar in the small recycle bin
  • Click on “Customize and control Google Chrome” > select Settings
  • Click “Manage search engines…” > select other search engine as the default search engine
  • Remove SweetIM Search from the list

Recommendation: uninstall SweetIM Toolbar with Special Uninstaller

If you hope to simplify the above annoying removing steps but also clean SweetIM Toolbar well on your web browser, I would like to suggest you to use an uninstall tool – Special Uninstaller, it is a third party removal tool that can detect all of toolbars on your computer, and help you to clean them and restore all of the default settings of the browser. Actions speak louder than words, the following instructions are just the way to uninstall different kinds of toolbars with Special Uninstaller.
1. Install and launch Special Uninstaller on your computer
2. Click to open “Plug-in Cleaner” > click on Scan
3. Select the toolbar you need to remove on the list, click on the “Clean” button below
4. When finished, close the uninstaller
When you are going to install a toolbar on your PC, please pay attention to the custom install prompt, and refuse to install any useless toolbars or components on the computer. Otherwise, you will need to spend much of time and effort to remove it like uninstall SweetIM Toolbar.


How to Uninstall Kaspersky Pure Successfully on Computer

Kaspersky Pure is a product the developed by Kaspersky in 2010, and now it has been one of the fastest growing internet security software online, however, with the increasing uses of this program, more and more people easily encounter the problem to uninstall Kaspersky Pure on their PCs.
Kaspersky Pure 3.0 is a new version of the product that contains the features and functions as providing the protection for the computer, users’ identity, account number, passwords and many other privacy. Many people said that the program is very difficult to remove on their computers, whatever they try, they still can find something related to the program on the computer after removal. So, we will discuss about how can unisntall Kaspersky Pure successfully and completely.

Problems with Kaspersky Pure removal

Add/Remove programs, Kaspersky Pure attached uninstall process, third party uninstall tool…, therea are several ways that people can choose to uninstall Kaspersky Pure on their computers, but most of them will encounter this or that kind of problems and cannot remove the program smoothly, like cannot uninsatll Kaspersky Pure thoroughly for it is too stubborn to clean up all of components, or people even cannot activate the unisntall process on their computers. Is there any good way can remove Kaspersky Pure well? The following content will tell you the best answer.

Effective ways to uninstall Kaspersky Pure for good

Note: remember to stop Kaspersky Pure running on the computer before you start the removal, otherwise the complete removal cannot be achieved.

Right steps to remove it with its own uninstall process

  • Click on Start icon — click Programs — find and move the mouse to the Kaspersky Pure on the menu
  • Click the remove button on its sub-menu, and process the removing process with the instructions
  • When you encounter the “Saving objects” windows during the removal, click to choose all of items to clean all objects

If you think that the removal just finish when you do the above job, you are wrong, because there are many related components especially registry keys are leftover after the standard removal, the next thing you should do is a great project, which is to find out and remove all of these leftovers manually.

  • Firstly, check and clean the install folder
    Go to the install directly of the program, if the install folder still can be found, forcedly remove all of the content inside.
  • Secondly, find out and remove all of related registries on computer system
    Click on Start — Run — type “regedit
    Then the Registry Editor will be opened, identify all of registries associated with Kaspersky Pure, and remove
    Restart your computer

When taking a look at this removal, many of you might think that it is complex and difficult for the common users to complete. As a matter of fact, if you do not have a wealth of knowledge and experience, it is not only complicated but also very high risky for you to clean all of related registries on the system, because you don’t understand these registries and also easily cause the manual error to trigger more serious system problems on the PC. Therefore, you should think it carefully before you open your system Registry Editor.

Steps to remove it with Add/Remove programs

  • Click on Start menu — Control Panel — Add/Remove programs


  • Find and highlight the Kaspersky Pure, click on the remove button below
  • The same to method one, complete the removal with the guides and then start to clean the leftovers on PC.

As we can see that neither using its own uninstall process or Add/Remove programs cannot help the computer user to uninstall Kaspersky Pure easily and quickly on the PC, is there any other better way to remove it more effectively? The best answer will be the Special Uninstaller.

Uninstall Kaspersky Pure with Special Uninstaller

Special Uninstaller is a third party uninstall tool that specialized in completely and automatically clean the installed application on the computer, it is no need and also cannot persuade you to believe that it is such a good product with my program description, here are the specific steps and video about how to use the Special Uninstaller to uninstall Kaspersky Pure successfully on the computer.

1. Open Special Uninstaller — click to choose the Kaspersky Pure on the program list — click on Run Uninstaller
2. Confirm the removal via clicking on the Yes button — and continue the removal with the insturctions
3. When you encounter the windows below, remember to choose all of items on the saving subjects — click Next
4. Move on, and you will see a prompt to remind you restart the computer — click Yes to reboot the PC
5. After starting up the computer again, click on open Special Uninstaller, and you will see the following picture
6. Click “Review all the leftovers” – remove these leftovers
7. And then you have complete the removal and uninstall Kaspersky Pure completely and successfully