Fully Uninstall Fizz Toolbar on PC

Browser Hijacker

Browser Hijacker

Fizz Toolbar is often regarded to this title for that many people think that it often forcedly change the browser settings and add the unneeded plug-ins without permissions. And the more troublesome is that, although you have finished to uninstall Fizz Toolbar on your PC, it will recover its features and services on the browser which make you mad.

How can completely and effectively remove Fizz Toolbar? Keep going to find the solution from the rest of content.

Problems created by the toolbar

There are many different reasons about why people are eager to uninstall the browser hijacker on the computer, for instance, the risk of easily being infected by viruses, annoying advertisements or the forced redirecting … But it is a fact that this add will bring the following inconveniences or troubles on your PC:

  • Web browser often displays some error messages
  • Default search engine, homepage and the toolbar will be changed to Fizz Toolbar or its associated websites
  • The web page and search result are redirected to other sites you don’t know
  • Annoying advertisements frequently appear on the browser
  • Private information enter in the website are easily stolen

Proper ways to uninstall Fizz Toolbar on the browser and PC

Manual way to get rid of the toolbar

Remove virus infections with antivirus program
If you suspect that there is a virus infection on the computer, please take the first step to check your computer security with a powerful antivirus application, after ensuring the computer is in a safe situation, you can get start to uninstall Fizz Toolbar on your PC.
One – remove Fizz Toolbar process

  • Click to open the Start menu > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs
    (for Win 8 users, click This PC > Computer > Open Control Panel)

control panel

  • Select Fizz Toolbar process on the list, click on the remove button to start the uninstallation

Two – clean the toolbar on all of installed browsers
On Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome, click on the menu icon (with three bars)
  • Click on Tools, and then Extensions


  • Disable and remove Fizz Toolbar and other unknown toolbars
  • Go to the setting section, click “Manage Search Engine…”


  • Change your default search engine to avoid the one which associated to the Fizz Toolbar toolbar
  • Restart your computer

On Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools or the gear icon at the top, and select Internet Options


  • Go to the Advanced tab in the Internet Options window, click on Reset button on the right side


  • Continue and go to the Delete personal settings box, click on Reset


  • Close the window when the resetting is completed, click OK
  • Restart the Internet Explorer

On Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox, click on Firefox button at the top left corner, click on Help


  • Select “Troubleshooting Information” on the Help sub-menu
  • Then you will receive a confirmation window, click on Reset Firefox to continue the resetting


  • Allow the Firefox to be closed, it will open again, and your Firefox will be reset
  • Click on Finish when there is a pop up telling you about the changes

It is for sure that the manually cleaning the toolbar on PC will takes you some time and energy, if you want the Fizz Toolbar removal can be much easier but also removed thoroughly, it is recommended to use Special Uninstaller, an automatic and advanced uninstall tool.

Automatic way to uninstall Fizz Toolbar

Are you ready to start the manual solution to finish the complex steps? Or you are searching out a way which can dealt with this error much better? A professional uninstall program like Special Uninstaller must be the best one that enable you to simplify the removing steps and fully remove the toolbar as well.
First stage: remove Fizz Toolbar process

  • Start Special Uninstaller >>> select Fizz Toolbar process >>> click “Run Uninstaller”


  • Click “Yes” to start the removal, follow the tips to finish it

Second stage: remove leftovers

  • Click on the Scan leftovers button, it will check the whole system and presents you all of files related to the toolbar on the PC


  • Click remove all of these leftovers, and back to the step 1

Third stage: remove plug-ins

  • Click to open “Plug-in Cleaner” at the bottom


  • Click on “Scan Now”, then it will show you all of toolbars on the PC


  • Select toolbar on the list >>> click “Clean”


  • When it disable and clean the browser add-on, restart your computer

No more manual steps or issues, you will finish to uninstall Fizz Toolbar completely.






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