Effectively Uninstall Avast! Premier 2014 for PC Users

With the publishing of the new version of Avast! Premier, many users of this program will face a new problem: how to uninstall Avast! Premier 2014 on their PCs. Although there are many common removing ways which likely can remove the program with ease, the fact isn’t quite that simple.

Avast Premier 2014 is a new version of the Avast Premier program that created with more effective and advanced technology than the previous version, such as the security improvement and smoother downloading. But this file is also possible to be corrupted, fails to work properly or unwanted by the computer user. In this circumstance, you should take actions to uninstall Avast! Premier 2014 on the PC to troubleshoot the associated issue, but the program removal is much more difficult than expected, and the main two reasons are:

  1. The program itself refuses to be removed in the Windows removing utility
  2. Incomplete or invalid removal fail to remove the program thoroughly or permanently on the PC

Have no idea to remove Avast Premier 2014 totally and completely on your PC? Have you ever been tried the following methods? If not, please take a look at these removing ways which will offer you the proper skills to get rid of the program well.

Effective skills to uninstall Avast Premier 2014

Skill 1 – remove Avast Premier 2014 in a manual way

Windows attached uninstall utility is a feasible but not a comprehensive way to clean the application totally on the computer. If you decide to conduct the removal with the computer attached uninstall feature, please also perform the manual removal to clean all of files, settings and registries manually after the first stage removal.

Firstly, uninstall Avast Premier 2014 with the Windows attached uninstall utility

For Win XP user

  • Click on Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove programs


  • Find and select Avast Premier 2014 on the installed programs list
  • Then click on the remove button
  • Follow the directions to complete the removal

For Win 7 user

  • Click on Start > Control Panel
  • Click Uninstall a program under the Program category
  • Select Avast Premier 2014 on the list
  • Click on Uninstall button
  • Finish the removal with the instructions

For Win 8 user

  • Move the cursor to the bottom right corner to activate the hidden menu


  • Click Search > enter Control Panel to open it
  • Select Uninstall a program > select Avast Premier 2014 on the list


  • Click Uninstall to start the removal with the instruction


Secondly, clean all associated files and other components leaving on the PC

It is for sure that the installation of Avast Premier 2014 must comes with a great number of files and registries, which usually cannot be removed thoroughly with the Windows uninstall utility. If you want to fully and permanently remove Avast Premier 2014 on your computer, you should perform an additional removing job for these remanent files.

  • Open the install folder of Avast Premier 2014 > click Tools > Folder Options…
  • Go to the View tap > select “Show hidden files and folders”
  • Choose to remove everything on the install folder
  • Click on Start < Run < type “regedit” > press Enter to open the Registry Editor
  • Click File > click Export to save all of original data for backup
  • Go back to the editor and delete all of registries related to Avast Premier 2014

Skill 2 – uninstall Avast Premier 2014 in an automatic way

As you can see that all these manual operations will be time-consuming and complicated enough for the common computer user to handle. In order to uninstall Avast Premier 2014, the most effective and easiest way is using as sophisticated uninstall software, for that it can replace the computer user to conduct the removal automatically which including removing all the settings, registries, files and more, and finish within a short time. Want to have a try of using the uninstall program to uninstall Avast Premier 2014? The following instructions about removing the program with Special Uninstaller will be helpful for you:

  • Open Special Uninstaller on the computer > select Avast Premier 2014
  • Click Run Uninstaller > click “Yes” to start the removal


  • Than you will be required to restart the computer, stop other programs and restart your PC


  • When the computer restarts again, click Review all the leftovers


  • Remove all of the leftovers on the scan result, and back to the main interface


  • Close the uninstaller, and restart the computer to finish the complete removal.






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