Uninstall Hola Search – Effective Hola Search Removal

Hola Search
Annoying and stubborn toolbar is often a hot potato for many computer users, it will redirect the website and make you unable to use the search engine as usual. Many people who have Hola Search installed on the browser are eager to get rid of it but the result is always negative. So now, I will share some tips about how can uninstall Hola Search on PC.

It may be hasty to conclude that Hola Search and I am not a expert in computer virus removal, but what I can tell you that once this toolbar installed on the computer, it usually does the following modifications on browser:

  • Change browser’s start-page as well as the default search engine
  • Redirect your search result to other sites related to the Hola Search
  • You may often get the annoying advertisements and sponsored links in your search results
  • You will unable to use other search engines as usual

Cleaning a toolbar could be very easy but some are difficult to remove completely if you don’t get the proper removing method, especially for the complex and stubborn browser add-on like Hola Search. Therefore, in order to uninstall Hola Search smoothly and successfully, you should get the effectively solution which enable you to clean all of its components on the browser and computer.

Available methods to uninstall and remove Hola Search

Suggested method – remove it by uninstall tool

People who had tried to uninstall Hola Search would find that their manual removal for the browser add-on are often resulted with failure. So it it not suggested to do the same manual removal, instead, taking a professional uninstall tool will greatly fasten the removing process, and importantly, it is able to get rid of the toolbar completely and successfully on the computer.
Many good uninstall applications available online are capable of removing any kind of installed program on the PC, as well as the stubborn plug-ins on browser. So it will be much easier to taking an uninstall tool to remove Hola Search on your browser and PC, and Special Uninstaller will be a good choice .
How does the Hola Search to be removed by Special Uninstaller

  • Launch Special Uninstaller, and locate any program related to the Hola Search


  • Click on Run Uninstaller, and click “Yes” to activate the removing process
  • After the first step removal, please remember to scan leftovers with Special Uninstaller


  • Remove all of detected lingering preference files
  • After complete the removal, click on Back to back to the step 1
  • Click “Plug-in Cleaner” at the bottom, click on “Scan”

su_plug-in cleaner

  • Select Hola Search on the list, hit on the “Clean” button


  • Close Special Uninstaller, and restart your computer

Manual removal – uninstall Hola Search by hand

It is also feasible to remove Hola Search in traditional removing way, which is uninstalling it with the Windows removing utility, and after that, remove the associated files and traces manually on browser and computer system.

Firstly, uninstall Hola Search related program

  • If you got a computer with Windows 8, please follow the removing steps below:
  • Go to desktop, right-click on Windows button at the bottom left corner, select “Programs and Features”


  • Find out and highlight the Hola Search related program, click “Uninstall” button


  • Then follow instructions to finish the program removal

Secondly, remove associated files and traces left on the PC

Since the above program removing way often leave some registries on your computer system, after uninstalling Hola Search and restarting the computer, you should check your computer registry, and remove associated files in the Registry Editor.
Details about how to open the Registry Editor: click on Search at the right side of the hidden menu, type “regedir” in the search box, click on Registry Editor on the search result.
After that, there is another manual cleaning job you should computer, which is cleaning all of associated traces of Hola Search on the installed browsers, includes change your default start-page and search engine, disable and remove Hola Search toolbar on browser.






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