Remove and Uninstall Norton Security 2015 Thoroughly

uninstall Norton Security 2015
To welcome the new year, Symantec has released Norton Security 2015, the newest version of this Norton Security product, besides installing and using the program, there is a new requirement of removing it on computer. So, in this post, we will focus on how can uninstall Norton Security 2015 if you need to do so.

According to the Symantec and many people’s using experiences, Norton Security 2015 is specific antivirus program that can protect the computer against various kinds of attacks and infections outside. On the other hand, however, its complex structure and preference files behind the powerful features would make people difficult to remove it complete and successfully, and the program removal is easy to be interrupted by such issues as program conflict, corrupted application problem, or resulted in an complete removal. In order to Norton Security 2015, taking a good removal way will very important and necessary.

How can uninstall Norton Security 2015 smoothly and thoroughly

Taking a good and professional uninstaller

The fastest and easiest way to remove the complex and advanced antivirus program like Norton Security 2015 is inviting a reliable uninstall tool, which has been the most popular way in nowadays to handle the difficult or complicated program removal on computer. This is because an advanced uninstaller is able to check all the components related to the target program effectively, and provide an automatic removal to complete the whole removing job in a short time. Therefore, if you want to uninstall Norton Security 2015 and get any problem with program removal in the future, just taking a good uninstall tool.

Special Uninstaller can be regarded as an effective Norton removal tool that helps computer users to uninstall Norton Security 2015 as well as other Norton security products easily and completely.

  • Start Special Uninstaller on your computer
  • Select Norton Security 2015 on the interface, click on “Run Uninstaller”


  • Follow the instruction to start the program removal
  • Please remember to choose to remove all of related data if you meet a selection


  • Wait for the uninstalling process, and click to restart your computer when you see this image on your computer


  • Open Special Uninstaller again, click to review and delete all the leftovers


  • Thus, you will be able to uninstall Norton Security 2015 completely on your PC

Uninstall Norton Security 2015 with specific manual removing way

Besides the automatic way to remove this security program, it is also available to choose the manual way to get rid of it on the computer, but the removing steps will be a little bit more complicated and unpleasant.
Remove Norton Security 2015 process in Windows system

  • Right-click on the Windows icon (for Windows 8), select Programs and Features


  • Find and highlight Norton Security 2015 on the list of installed programs
  • Click Uninstall/Chang button, finish the program removal with instructions


  • Restart the computer when it is completed
  • Check the installation folder of the program on your computer, and erase everything inside
  • Type “regedit” in the search box, and click to open Registry Editor on the search result


  • Clean all of registry keys related to Norton Security 2015

In order to uninstalled Norton Security 2015 completely, check your computer again, and make sure the Norton associated files have been removed






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