Efficient Ways to Uninstall WinRAR (32-bit) from PC

Last time, after we talked about uninstalling WinRAR (64-bit), many friends suggested me to offer the uninstalling ways of 32bit. Considering there are still many people who are still using it, today let’s talk about it and I will give you some efficient ways to uninstall WinRAR (32-bit).

What is Winrar (32-bit)? & The Differences between 64bit

What is Winrar (32-bit) capable of?

WinRAR (32-bit) is defined as a 32-bit Windows-based archiver and archive manager used to create compressed files similar to the way it is handled by the popular ZIP compression format. This software utility is capable of creating multiple part archives which can be split into smaller parts normally using the RAR, R00, R01, and so on as its file extension format but can also use the ZIP extension if preferred by the user. Installation of this utility usually places an option in the context menu of the Operating System allowing the user to access the tool by right clicking on the file or folder to be compressed and initiating the compression process. This tool is equipped with a password protection feature in order to prevent unauthorized access to the contents of the compressed archive by locking it prior to its distribution to other users or saving into any storage media.
And here, many people would ask why more and more people start using WinRAR (64-bit) instead of WinRAR (32-bit)? Now, I would answer this question briefly.

What is WinRAR (32-bit) different from 64bit?

I just can say there is no big difference between WinRAR (64-bit) and WinRAR (32-bit). In fact, it’s just over the past few years, popularity of 64bit Windows has gone up through the roof and deservedly so since 64bit can address more than 4 GB of RAM (while 32bit can only address a bit more than 3 GB, which might not be sufficient today). And most people think 64bit is much faster than 32bit, so that’s it.

How to uninstall WinRAR (32-bit)?

Now, I can figure out, some people want to uninstall 32 bit for 64bit. Have you found that strange errors pop out again and again, which is really annoying, and stop you from uninstalling WinRAR (32-bit)?
Okay, now please follow my lead, I will teach you how to remove this application. There are several ways to do it, please be patient and choose one suitable for you.

Manually uninstall WinRAR (32-bit)

1. Exit WinRAR (64-bit) before uninstalling it. If you can not exit the program, you can start your PC in Safe Mode. Restart your computer and keep pressing F8 key before your Windows loads. Select”Safe Mode” with Networking and hit Enter key.
Or, if your computer is on, you can start the Safe Mode like this:
Swipe it from the right edge of  the screen, tap “Settings“,  the tap “Change PC Settings“. (If you’ re using a mouse, point to the bottom-right-conrner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, click “Settings“, then click “Change PC settings“.)
Under “PC Settings”, tap or click “Update and Recovery“, then tap or click “Recovery“.
Under Advanced start-up, tap or click Restart now.
Once your PC has restarted, on the Choose an option screen, tap or click “Troubleshoot. If you can’t see the Start-up Settings option, tap or click “Advanced options.
Tap or click “Start-up Settings.
Tap or click “Restart.
On the “Start-up Settings screen, choose the start-up setting you want.
And now you can start uninstalling work.
2. Right-click Start Menu and select “Control Panel“.
Or, you can start Control Panel in this way: Double-clickThis PC“, and click “Open Control Panel” in the File Menu.
3. Click”Uninstall a Program” to go into the program list.
4.  Find WinRAR (32-bit) in the list, double-click it or right-click it and click “Uninstall“.
Do not think the uninstalling is done, you need to delete the related folders that still left in your PC.
5. Click “Start” and type “Regedit.exe” in the Search box. Then click the icon of Regedit.exe.
6. Find leftover folders related to the program and delete them.
Now I am sure you have 100% uninstalled this program already!

Uninstall WinRAR (32-bit) with its Build-in Uninstaller

  1. Click Start menu and move your mouse to “All Programs“.
  2. Find WinRAR (32-bit) folder and click on its uninstaller.
  3. Follow its uninstaller and uninstall the program.
  4. Go to the folder where the program is installed.
  5. Locate its uninstaller usually named as unins000.exe or uninstall.exe
  6. Double click on its uninstaller and follow it to uninstall the program.

It’s necessary for you to know that even it’s its own build-in uninstaller, it still can’t clean the leftovers, so you still need to start Registry Editor to get rid of those leftovers. And the the ways to start Registry Editor are the same with those I just mentioned before.

Automatically uninstall WinRAR (32-bit)

If you think the methods above are complicated, here I recommend Special Uninstaller.
Special Uninstaller Special Uninstaller is able to effectively remove any program , leftover files, registry entries. Even stubborn ones.

Using instruction of Special Uninstaller:
1. As you can see from the picture below, select the target program in the list on the left and click “Run Uninstaller“.
2. Special Uninstaller will ask for your permission to uninstall WinRAR(32-bit). Click “Yes“.
3. Wait while the Special Uninstaller initializes the uninstall process.
4. Click “Scan Leftovers” to detect the leftover files and registry entries until the uninstall process completed.
5.Review the programs leftovers on the left, select related files and folders then click “Delete Leftovers” to completely uninstall it.
6. You can clearly see that all the leftovers are gone. Click “OK” to be done.
7. At last, you can clic “Back” beside the “Delete Leftovers” button to go back to the list. You will found the program has been already  uninstalled completely.
Here is the Special Uninstaller using instruction in video:

Above is the detailed using instruction of Special Uninstaller. Uninstalling has never been so easy. Isn’t it great?

Last Few things to say:

Isn’t it very easy and convenient to unisntall WinRAR (32-bit)? I promise that  you won’t be angry about uninstalling any more with Special Uninstaller. I am happy if you were satisfied with Special Uninstaller. Uninstalling now becomes much more easier. I wish my suggestions above could really help you out. If you have more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. It’s our honor to serve you:)
If  you have more quesions to ask or get other stubborn applications, just tell me. Or my other friends can help you:
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