Learn How to Efficiently Remove Cryptomator from Your PC

On this page you can get solutions to successfully remove Cryptomator in Windows and other useful information. Hopefully this is worth your time.
The most common removal problem is that you have uninstalled it by regular means, then you restart your PC and find it still pops up, like nothing ever happened. However, the uninstall optional is nowhere to be found. What to do then? If you’re facing the said issue, the following tutorials may light your way up. Let’s see how to correctly remove Cryptomator in Windows.
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How to Manually Remove Cryptomator in Windows?

The removal steps I listed can be performed in both Windows 8 (Start screen) & Windows 10 (Start screen/Start menu). In case some users still haven’t figured out how to change the Start screen into the Start menu in Windows 10:
1. Go to Start > Settings command.
2. At the Settings window, click the setting for Personalization.
3. At the Personalization window, click the option for Start.
4. In the right pane of the screen, the setting for “Use Start full screen” is turned on. Just turn it off.
5. Click the Start button, and you should see the Start menu. 🙂
Now let’s see how to correctly remove Cryptomator from your computer:
1. Close the program first.

  • Check the System Tray in the bottom-right corner of your screen, right-click the program icon and select Exit.

2. Remove Cryptomator via the programs list.
If you want to do it from the Start menu:

  • In the bottom-left corner of your screen, click on the Start button and select Settings.
  • Click System > Apps & Features.
  • Select Cryptomator and click Uninstall > Uninstall.

If you want to do it from the Start screen:

  • In the bottom-left corner of your screen, right-click the Start button.
  • Click Programs and Features.
  • Find Cryptomator and double-click it to activate the built-in uninstaller.

Remove Cryptomator in Windows
3. Follow the prompts to proceed.

  • When you see the uninstall option, select the Continue uninstall link on the left.
  • Wait for the built-in uninstaller to finish its job.

4. Remove Cryptomator Vestiges via the Registry Editor
If you want to do it from the Start menu:

  • Click the Start, and enter “regedit” to open the Registry Editor.
  • On the navigator, click Edit > Find…, and enter “Cryptomator” to find & delete the vestiges if found.

If you want to do it from the Charms bar:

  • Point your mouse to the bottom-left corner of your desktop, and click Search on charms bar.
  • Enter “regedit” in the box to open the Registry Editor.
  • On the navigator, click Edit > Find…, and enter “Cryptomator” to find & delete the vestiges if found.

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5. Restart your PC to take effect.

  • Then check whether the program has been completely removed. But if you have installed Adaware in compatible mode, reboot is not required.

A Simpler Way to Remove Cryptomator & Other Unwanted Programs

Another solution I would like to introduce is an easy-to-use, small-sized tool that supports all the popular Windows OS versions. You can also try to uninstall other programs that are not welcome anymore in the system with it. How does it remove a program? Take a quick look below:

1. Click any of the blue download buttons on this page or visit the homepage to download Special Uninstaller.
2. Run it, and you can see clearly what programs are installed currently. Choose Cryptomator and hit Run Uninstaller.
Remove Cryptomator with Special Uninstaller.
It will scan for all the related files and get ready for your next request, during which you may be asked for confirmation of this removal, just click Yes/OK to proceed.
3. Click Scan Leftovers when it turns to blue, then you see the all the vestiges that most users will forget to delete during the manual removal. Click Delete Leftovers to fully remove Cryptomator.
Clicking BACK to refresh the list of currently installed programs, and check whether your target is no long there. You can perform the same steps to remove other needless programs and free up some disk space. I do hope this recommendation can be a better removal solution to you anytime.
Is there any other stubborn program bothering you? Try to find removal solutions on this site by search its name. If we haven’t provided corresponding instructions, you might as well let us know by leaving comments below. We would truly appreciate your contribution for improving our site.
download special uninstaller
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